Please delete this application that ‘disguises’ this Facebook ad manager

Tram Ho

When searching for Facebook pages manager on Apple’s app store, users will get many different results. Among them may be phishing applications, allowing hackers to take advantage of to steal victims’ bank accounts.

Recently, security experts have discovered a malicious application of this form. Specifically, an application called “Pages Manager Suite”, introduced as a software to support advertising management on Facebook.

Hãy xóa ngay ứng dụng 'đội lốt' quản lý quảng cáo Facebook này - Ảnh 1.

According to Business Insider, the developer of this app is called Bronzelab SG Ltd and has no official website. Meanwhile, the company providing the app is listed as VI DO CO. This company has links with many registered units in Vietnam.

In mid-July, Facebook flagged the app and reported it to Apple. At the same time, the company also recommends users to visit its online support center besides providing steps to take after the account is hacked.

Currently, this dangerous application has been removed from Apple’s App Store. An Apple spokesman said the app was initially reviewed as a mere document manager, but its functionality changed after being licensed.

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Source : Genk