Pepsi Japan launched a new product in the form of “chasing the silhouette”, customers had to edit photos forever to find out the answer.

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Launched in 1965 in the United States, Pepsi has now become one of the most famous and oldest beverage brands in the world today. Thanks to its smart, continuous changes in its marketing strategy, Pepsi is able to continuously maintain its position in many countries around the world, despite the fierce competition from other competitors.

Talking about the unique and unique comb, perhaps it is impossible not to mention Japan, where Pepsi has continuously released soft-flavored soft drinks for many years to stimulate the curiosity of customer. From salted watermelon to Sakura cherry blossoms, to even Japanese Christmas cakes, all are Pepsi’s products for the Japanese market and are only sold in limited quantities.

Now that Halloween is approaching (October 31), Pepsi continues to compose and release a new sample of soft drinks. However, instead of being widely publicized, they teased themselves in the form of chasing words that made everyone curious. Specifically, the official Twitter of Pepsi Japan posted a black shadow photo of a bottle of water, unknown brand, with the caption: “ What taste will this time? Seasonal Pepsi will be released on October 20 as —- Punch ”. The tweet was broadcast on October 19, immediately attracted 3500 likes and countless predictive comments about the company’s upcoming product.

Pepsi Nhật Bản ra mắt sản phẩm mới theo kiểu đuổi hình bắt bóng, khách hàng phải chỉnh ảnh mãi mới tìm ra đáp án - Ảnh 1.

Pepsi quizzes customers on Twitter with a silhouette chase game about its new soda product.

Of course, if that was the sentence, there must be a solution. The key problem is that the silhouette of the water bottle above is not quite as black as we think. Users of ekitai346 have discovered that when you light up the image (using any specialized software), the Pepsi bottle’s brand name will be revealed immediately.

Pepsi Nhật Bản ra mắt sản phẩm mới theo kiểu đuổi hình bắt bóng, khách hàng phải chỉnh ảnh mãi mới tìm ra đáp án - Ảnh 2.

Brightening the image means we will have an immediate answer, although the colors are not clear, but at least the product name is already out.

Whether this is part of Pepsi’s plan or not, but clearly their new marketing campaign has been effective when receiving a lot of attention from customers. After their puzzle was solved, Pepsi posted a confirmation photo on October 20, revealing that their new water sample will taste Caramel Punch – caramel-filled Pepsi, combined with Japan Cola, another Pepsi exclusive drink in Japan.

Pepsi Nhật Bản ra mắt sản phẩm mới theo kiểu đuổi hình bắt bóng, khách hàng phải chỉnh ảnh mãi mới tìm ra đáp án - Ảnh 3.

New Pepsi Japan product for Halloween this year: Salty caramel with Japan Cola.

According to Suntory, the Pepsi maker in Japan, the new water sample will add a sweet, concentrated caramel flavor to Japan Cola, combined with the secret ingredient of salt to bring a feeling of refreshing, extreme. suitable for autumn weather. Salty caramel can be considered as the championship combination in the world of sweets, so Pepsi’s upcoming product is receiving a lot of attention from customers in this country.

Besides, many people also expressed interest, even obsession with the word “Punch” in the product name this time. It reminds them of Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch, a character from the hit game Super Smash Bro.

Caramel Punch Pepsi soft drink has officially been on the shelves at many grocery stores in Japan since October 20 at the price of 140 yen / bottle (more than 30,000 VND).

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