Newly released TECNO POVA 2 super product, long battery life, unbelievable “delicious” price

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The attraction is beyond the price range

In terms of both technology and market factors, choosing POVA 2 as the starting point for a comeback is a “strategic” step in the right direction from TECNO. Despite being in the mid-range segment, this phone actually possesses a series of advantages beyond the price range, from appearance to configuration, making any techie feel excited.

Siêu phẩm TECNO POVA 2 mới ra mắt, pin trâu chiến game lâu, giá “ngon” không tưởng - Ảnh 1.

First of all, in terms of design, POVA 2 is a typical representative of the thin and light Gaming Phone school. Leaving behind the usual aggressiveness found on gaming phones, POVA 2 is crafted with a sophisticated style, combining angular looks and soft curves to bring attraction at first sight. first. In particular, the machine is light in weight and the body is much thinner than the competition, although inside is still a machine with formidable power.

Indeed, POVA 2 gathers many strengths in terms of configuration that any gamer “desire”. TECNO has equipped its “pet” with a G85 processor with v2.0 system acceleration, combined with 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM system, POVA 2 is ready to bring users extremely experiences. smooth when “fighting” heavy games or complex multitasking.

Siêu phẩm TECNO POVA 2 mới ra mắt, pin trâu chiến game lâu, giá “ngon” không tưởng - Ảnh 2.

Positioned as a potential Gaming Phone, POVA is also packed with tools to optimize your gaming. Specifically, the ET Game Engine gaming support tool is one of the notable highlights. According to the share from TECNO, ET brings graphics processing capabilities with high refresh rate and the ability to adjust the control keys flexibly, thereby, making an important contribution to enhancing the gaming experience of users. use.

To operate the “terrible” machine and its sharp 6.9” Full HD + screen, POVA 2 is also favored with a battery with a “super huge” capacity of up to 7,000 mAh, with the same technology. 18W dual IC super fast charging technology. With this battery, after only 10 minutes of plugging in the charger, you have enough capacity for 2.4 hours of calls, eliminating the worry of interruption in every game.

“Hunting” the opening day of POVA 2 with a series of unique offers from TECNO

According to the latest information from TECNO, POVA 2 will officially open for sale in Vietnam from June 23, 2021. In addition to distributing products in traditional forms, with this opening sale event, TECNO has cooperated with Shopee Mall to bring the most convenient access to users across the country, especially in low-income conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic in our country has many complicated developments.

Siêu phẩm TECNO POVA 2 mới ra mắt, pin trâu chiến game lâu, giá “ngon” không tưởng - Ảnh 3.

With just a few simple steps of ordering, the first POVA 2s will be delivered and delivered to you. This move of TECNO allows you to own POVA 2 in the most convenient and fastest way, while meeting the needs of health protection and social distancing during the epidemic season. More specifically, when buying POVA 2 on Shopee Mall, you will be guaranteed the quality of the phone from both Shopee and TECNO, and the support and customer care services are therefore clearly optimized.

Notably, when pre-ordering and buying POVA 2 products on Shopee Mall, you will also have the opportunity to receive many more exclusive gifts and offers such as wireless headphones; extremely deep discount program, and 0% installment payment… In addition, TECNO’s warranty for products will always be guaranteed with a fixed term of 12 + 1 month at 21 warranty centers above country.

Siêu phẩm TECNO POVA 2 mới ra mắt, pin trâu chiến game lâu, giá “ngon” không tưởng - Ảnh 4.

Detailed information about the time to pre-order, open for sale and hot promotions when buying TECNO is as follows:

Pre-order period: June 19-22, 2021 (Get TECNO wireless headphones now)

Officially open for sale: June 23, 2021 (HUGE discount)

Click here to see the great deals of the program here:

● Official website of the program:

● TECNO Official at Shopee Mall:

● TECNO Official at Lazada:


TECNO is a premium smartphone brand from TRANSITION Holdings (Hong Kong). Since its establishment in 2006, TECNO has affirmed its position with a diversified and high quality product portfolio of phones, tablets, integrated with many leading technologies.

Siêu phẩm TECNO POVA 2 mới ra mắt, pin trâu chiến game lâu, giá “ngon” không tưởng - Ảnh 5.

After nearly two decades of development, TECNO has been present in more than 60 countries and regions. At the same time, this brand is also a global partner with Manchester City Football Club in promotional activities and community support. In particular, the prestige of TECNO is increasingly confirmed when the official spokesman of TECNO is now actor Chris Evans (who plays Captain Americans).

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