Microsoft is testing a feature that allows Android apps to run on Windows 10

Tram Ho

Microsoft is currently allowing Windows 10 users to run Android apps side-by-side. This is a new feature of the Your Phone app, which is being tested on Windows 10.

Users can access the list of Android apps inside the Your Phone app on Windows 10, and launch them. The Android application after launching will open a separate window, mirrored from the smartphone.

Microsoft thử nghiệm tính năng cho phép chạy ứng dụng Android trên Windows 10 - Ảnh 1.

Basically, the Android app will not run directly on a Windows 10 computer, but will be projected from the smartphone to Windows 10 through the Your Phone app. And since it’s still in beta, this feature is still limited.

Not all Android apps are compatible. Some applications will only display a black screen when launched. Mobile games will also not support the use of a mouse and keyboard, some applications may only emit sound from a smartphone, but cannot transmit sound to a Windows 10 computer.

Microsoft thử nghiệm tính năng cho phép chạy ứng dụng Android trên Windows 10 - Ảnh 2.

Therefore, this feature currently cannot replace emulators if you want to play Android games on your computer. However, it also has some interesting features.

Users can pin an Android app to the taskbar or Start menu to quickly open it when needed, instead of going to Your Phone app. In addition, users can open multiple Android applications at the same time, with many different windows. Copy paste and drag and drop functions are also supported.

Currently this feature is still in the testing process, users who want to experience will have to join the Windows Insider program and currently only support Samsung smartphones. Microsoft says this feature will be available to the public later this year.

Reference: theverge

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