Microsoft found that Facebook and Google tracked your habit of watching “adult” movies, using an incognito mode makes no difference

Tram Ho

According to a recent study, Facebook, Google and Oracle are tracking pornographic content of users. Even if you use incognito mode, you can’t get rid of being watched by the big guys.

Researchers from Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pennsylvania analyzed 22,484 websites that provide pornography using a tool called webXray. As a result, they determine which websites provide user data to third parties.

“Our results show that most pornographic sites track users. 93% of pages leak user data to third parties,” the study concluded.

Of the scanned websites in March/2018, the study found that Google or its subsidiaries placed a tracking on 74% of pornographic websites. Meanwhile Oracle and Facebook are 24% and 10% respectively. This means about 16,638 pages with Google trackers, and 5,369 pages and 2,248 pages tracked by Oracle and Facebook.

Microsoft phát hiện ra Facebook và Google theo dõi thói quen xem phim người lớn của bạn, dùng chế độ ẩn danh cũng không thoát - Ảnh 1.

According to this research, you are not protected from monitors, even if you enable incognito mode in your browser. This comes from the fact that your data is still transferred to third parties even if the browsing history is not saved.

In addition, only 17% of pornographic sites are encrypted. This puts users at risk of hackers attacking.

The tracker placed on the website serves a lot of purposes. For example, Google Analytics provides traffic information for websites to track the development of the site. Meanwhile, Facebook provides sites with embedded and shared features in exchange for website visitors’ data. It is difficult to know what data will be used after collecting.

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Source : Genk