Microsoft considers adding Python as an official scripting language to Excel

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Microsoft is considering adding Python as one of the official scripting languages ​​for Excel, originating from a topic on the previously opened Excel hub feedback.

Since the topic was opened, it has become the most-requested feature request ever – compared to the second-highest request, the votes have almost doubled.

“Let us script in Python! Not just an alternative to VBA, but an alternative to the field function (= SUM (A1: A2)), ”for example a request, created by one of the Microsoft users. .

Microsoft explores ideas

The previous day, the operating system manufacturer responded by giving a survey to gather more information and how users want to use Python in Excel.

If adopted, Excel users will be able to use Python scripts to be compatible with their documents, data, and several Excel core functions, similar to how Excel currently supports VBA scripts.

Python is one of the most versatile programming languages ​​today. It is also extremely popular with programmers. Python currently ranks second on the PYPL’s programming languages ​​rankings, third on RedMonk’s chart and 4th in the TIOBE index.

Users call for full deployment on Office applications

Those who have participated in the “wave” of this request feature after receiving news have posted many positive feedback about ownership of Python as an official scripting language of Excel, but some also pointed out if Microsoft chose the direction By the way, they also need to support Python in all other Office applications.

“I will love the features of Python when it comes to Excel, it is important that anything new should be consistent across all Office products. Some of us are old enough to remember many versions of VB on Excel, Word, Access and it is a productivity boost itself, ”one user posted in a Hacker News discussion post.

“That’s right, they should choose Python, and in the process of deciding whether Python will come with a .Net library (please separate the standard and core libraries as well) or IronPython. This should be considered an important first choice. It should then be implemented in a mechanism that allows libraries and users to write Python code to work in the same way across all Office products. ”, The user added.

Microsoft has yet to respond to requests for additional comments and additional information from Bleeping Computer in time for this article, mainly due to the time zone difference. An update will be added if Microsoft is willing to share any information with the public on this topic.

If you’re tired of waiting, you can use PyXLL to embed Python into Excel for using Python in Excel:

Alternatively, you can also use a Python package called StyleFrame, which also works quite well with Excel:

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