Microsoft CEO: ‘Uplifting our group, putting others down’ isn’t a leader

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Mr Nadella is not the type of leader who likes to show off and take down opponents. After taking over Microsoft from Steve Ballmer seven years ago, he formed alliances with rivals like Red Hat and Salesforce, even allowing people to use Amazon’s Alexa assistant on Windows.

He continued to show his modesty when asked by former Microsoft CEO Jeff Raikes for advice for business leaders. According to him, the art of leadership is not about saying “my team is great, others are bad”. In the multilateral world, leadership needs to bring people together.

CEO Microsoft: ‘Nâng nhóm mình lên, hạ người khác xuống’ không phải là lãnh đạo - Ảnh 1.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Photo: Bloomberg

Mr. Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992, when the co-founder of Microsoft was still leading the company. But he is also different from Gates. In a question and answer screen on the Reddit forum in 2013, Gates once wrote: “Bing is really a better product” even though Google is controlling the Internet search market.

In contrast, Microsoft under Nadella has become more tolerant of competitors in the same industry. If in the past, the company viewed open source software as a competitive force, it now buys open source hosting service GitHub for $ 7.5 billion and integrates the open source Linux operating system into Windows.

He rarely mentioned directly his opponent’s name. For example, at a recent Microsoft event, he just said “no customer wants to depend on a supplier to both sell technology to them and compete with them”. This is considered an allusion to Amazon, which competes with some of its cloud buying customers.

In addition, he also mentioned a number of other leadership qualities. For example, he argues that leadership has an innate ability, to deal with unstable situations, to bring clarity. Leaders are not the ones who make a troublesome situation more troublesome. Leaders must also be energy generators. It is most evident when someone after meeting them and says “Well, I want to join this group, I want to be a part of the group”.

“Leaders don’t say,” Give me the perfect stage to show, “said Mr Nadella. I cannot say, “Let me wait for the epidemic to end to show my leadership.” In imperative situations, the leader needs to free himself, freeing up his team so they can achieve everything.

According to the Microsoft CEO, no one is perfect. However, he always asked himself every day whether he was better than yesterday.

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