Mark Zuckerberg confronts Apple: ‘Shaking hands’ with Microsoft, Epic Games, ambition to shape the future of the Internet industry

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According to The Verge, Meta CEO, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has announced in early July that he will compete head-to-head with giant Apple in an effort to reshape “the future of the Internet industry”. Zuckerberg is confident that his products, under the Meta label, will become effective and much more affordable alternatives to Apple, which is said to often “shout” high commission fees.

Previously, Apple has been the subject of criticism by Tesla CEO, billionaire Elon Musk because the fees applied to the App Store app store are too high. Musk thinks the commission is not good and Apple is like “taxing 30% on the Internet”.


Mark Zuckerberg đối đầu Apple: 'Bắt tay' với Microsoft, Epic Games, tham vọng định hình tương lai ngành công nghiệp Internet - Ảnh 1.

According to experts, the above statement by Mark Zuckerberg shows that the two technology giants are ready to “declare war” and compete with each other in the field of selling hardware for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platforms. ).

“This is a race of ideas, where Apple believes it can improve the user experience by integrating technology and designing everything itself. We believe that there is still a lot of work to be done to specialize in different companies, and then only a large ecosystem can survive,” Zuckerberg said.

Mark Zuckerberg đối đầu Apple: Bắt tay với Microsoft, Epic Games, tham vọng định hình tương lai ngành công nghiệp Internet - Ảnh 1.

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has pushed forward the concept of the metaverse, which he considers to be a major technological advance second only to the smartphone. Recently, Meta also joined hands with Microsoft, Epic Games and 33 other companies to build the Metaverse Open Standards Group.

According to The Verge, this group was created to promote the creation of open protocols, making it easier for users to move through virtual worlds and exchange digital assets in the future.

Apple is not in this group, and Mark Zuckerberg considers this “not surprising”. The CEO said that Apple’s strict control of hardware and software has been applied very well with the iPhone, but not with the metaverse.

Previously, CEO Tim Cook frankly expressed special interest in AR, but kept the hardware development plan secret. Meanwhile, Meta is planning to release a new VR headset by the end of the year called Cambria, and is planning to launch the group’s first AR glasses. If VR and AR are received by the market as Zuckerberg hoped, Meta will become the opposite platform to Apple similar to Android to iOS.

Mark Zuckerberg đối đầu Apple: Bắt tay với Microsoft, Epic Games, tham vọng định hình tương lai ngành công nghiệp Internet - Ảnh 2.

Apple and Meta have never been on the same page. The planet’s largest social media platform has been hit hard against its competitors since last year’s Apple privacy update greatly reduced its ability to target and measure ad performance. fox. Google, with its core search business, has been fortunately immune to Apple’s change, and said it could soon introduce a similar privacy update to Android apps.

Zuckerberg’s recent statement shows that even as Meta tries to find a way out of Apple’s dominance in mobile devices, the two Silicon Valley tech giants will still have to compete with each other in the future. a long time coming to monopolize users.

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