Mac Mini running an Apple A12Z chip reveals performance scores

Tram Ho

Although Apple recently issued a warning banning developers from disclosing any information about an ARM-powered Mac Mini included in the Developer Transition Kit, which includes evaluating the device’s performance score. However, it seems that Apple’s efforts have not been very successful when the information about this Mac Mini has begun to surface, and the first is the performance score of the device.

Mac Mini chạy chip Apple A12Z lộ điểm hiệu năng - Ảnh 1.

According to a result found on Geekbench, a performance benchmarking platform, the new Apple A12Z-powered Macs have a single-core and multi-core performance scores of 811 and 2781, respectively. pretty much compared to the scores of iPad Pro models running on the same A12Z chip (1xxx and 4xxx, respectively).

Mac Mini chạy chip Apple A12Z lộ điểm hiệu năng - Ảnh 2.

However, it should be noted that in order to evaluate the performance score of the new ARM-based Mac Mini, Geekbench will have to run through Rosetta 2, the conversion of applications developed for Intel chips to ARM chips, because That will greatly affect the actual performance of the device. Apple is also said to have downgraded the A12Z chip on a Mac Mini to 2.4GHz instead of 2.5GHz on the iPad Pro 2020. In addition, this A12Z chip only uses 4 out of 8 cores.

Of course at the moment, the Apple A12Z is ​​just a test chip on ARM Macs. In the future, Apple can completely equip a new chip optimized for new Mac devices, significantly improve performance and support the platform better.

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Source : Genk