LinkedIn – the US tech giant was finally forced to leave China

Tram Ho

CNN reported that LinkedIn will officially stop this service in China. This move marks a significant withdrawal of one of the few large US technology companies still operating in the country of billions of people.

Specifically, the Microsoft-owned career networking platform made the above decision because “the operating environment has become significantly more challenging and there are more complex requirements from the Chinese side”, said Mohak Shroff. – Vice President of Engineering at LinkedIn said in the post on Thursday.

LinkedIn – ông lớn công nghệ Mỹ cuối cùng buộc phải rời khỏi Trung Quốc - Ảnh 1.

Instead, the company launched a new platform called InJobs late last year – a portal just for the Chinese market. It is worth mentioning that the platform will “not include a social platform or the ability to share posts or articles” but will simply serve as a portal for listing and applying for jobs.

“While we have had success in helping our Chinese members find jobs and economic opportunity, we have not seen the same social success with sharing and showing.”

Operating in China has always been a big challenge for private companies, but regulations were tightened at the end of last year. Tightening government controls have also wiped out $3 trillion in market value from China’s biggest companies in recent months.

LinkedIn has been present in China since 2014, attracting more than 45 million users. This is a significant number more than many other western social networking companies, including Facebook and Twitter, which have been banned in the country of billions of people.

Microsoft itself has a long history in China, having entered the market in 1992. The company’s software is widely used by Chinese companies and government. The company’s Bing search engine is also used here, but not Google.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn suspended new user registrations in China to “ensure they remain compliant with local laws”. At the time, company representatives declined to say specifically what laws they were subject to.

“We believe that operating a localized version of LinkedIn in China will comply with the requirements of the Chinese government on Internet platforms. We use this approach to create value for the company. members in China and around the world”.

LinkedIn will also continue to work with Chinese businesses “to help them create economic opportunities.”

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