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What is Heco chain

Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) is a blockchain platform first launched on the Huobi Open Platform. This platform is introduced as a decentralized, highly efficient public chain platform that saves on transaction fees. It allows programming of smart contracts and supports high-performance transactions. The Heco chain’s native token is HT, and it uses the HPoS consensus mechanism. Houbi also promises to continue to improve it by implementing layer 2 to help developers on Ethereum switch to layer 2 on Houbi.

So we can simply imagine that Heco is an inheritance with the similarities of his brother ahead of Ethereum. With the current difference is the consensus mechanism and the implementation of layer 2 such as Matic, Loom, BSC, …. platforms.

Basic information

Heco’s Performance

  • TPS (Transactions Per Second): 500+
  • Average confirm time per block: 3s

Consensus mechanism

  • Using the same HPoS mechanism as the POS mechanism of the upcoming Etherum 2.0, using this mechanism instead of PoW will save node operating costs, confirm block costs do not need to consume too much electricity. more … With this mechanism, the miners will now be validator nodes, they will receive the main reward is the fee gas of the transactions, this reward will be divided according to the proportion of property that the validator has mortgaged. .


  • Currently, the Heco chain guy has cross-chain support, assets like BTC, ETH or stable coins can be mapped to the Heco chain using an asset bridge. The mechanism of this bridge’s implementation is to lock the asset on the original chain and create a corresponding amount of tokens on the Heco chain, this mechanism is used by many parties, typically the asset brigde of Binance Smart. Chain to chain ETH, TronLink, …

  • My team also has a Cross-Chain product from Harmony to ETH and uses the locked token at the beginning of ETH to lend at Aave to make a profit instead of keeping a place.


Meta Transaction

Heco chain already supports the meta-transaction function, it will help reduce the transaction costs of users and Heco will pay this fee reduction. So meta-transaction will help minimize the operating costs of DApp developers, as well as Dapp users.

But in order to enjoy this discount, users as well as Dapp developers will need to hold an amount of HT tokens with the following limits:

This is quite similar to the workings of existing centralized exchanges such as Binance, Okex or Huobi itself. They don’t naturally eat them.

Tokens – Dapp

Currently the tokens on the ETH side are available on the Heco chain such as Uni, Usdt, Link, …

Dapps on heco are still not very diverse, most of them are still products built by Huobi. Community-built products are quite rare at the moment

Connect metamask



Code smart contract and deploy

Dapp development on Heco is the same as development on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). People can use two popular tools to code contract and deploy: Remix and Truffle . In this article, I will use Remix because this guy is quite convenient and doesn’t have to install anything. Wallet, Heco already supports Metamask, so I have instructed the network configuration above.

Now I will demo the deploying of a contract to the testnet of Heco. First we need to prepare a code file using solidity Storage.sol .


After we have the contract, we will need to complier, here we need to choose the correct solidity version to complier without errors.

Ok now to connect wallet with metamask remember to change network to that testnet

Oh forget we still lack HT to be able to do fee gas deploy. To get HT we will go to faucet here . Ok, we have 0.5 HT deploy comfortably

Now we need to switch the Remix environment from the remix virtual machine to connect to the web3 of the metamask

Then deploy and see the results

So that’s done by using HPoS (PoS), so confirm the transaction is pretty fast about 3s equal to the BSC.


Through this article, I want to show to those who have heard about the Heco chain but have not learned about this platform. In general, the docs of Heco in my personal opinion are still very sketchy. Or maybe because they think building almost identical to one side, then they don’t need any detailed docs, if needed, go to the docs of the other party.  Surely everyone understands the same side already. I hope that in the next time Huobi can update more different features compared to the existing platforms, but currently, to be able to create a trend like BSC or Etherum, I think it will not happen. out with Heco chain.



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