Lazy Load Images in Angular with just a few lines of code!

Tram Ho


Image lazy loading reduces the load of the current image when it is not yet needed to be displayed in the viewport. The like image will only be loaded when the user scrolls to the image to display. Using this technique, we can achieve better performance and load times.

Nowadays, modern browsers have added support for lazy loading images and we can use it by simply adding an attribute to the element. image:

<img src="src.png" alt="Angular" loading="lazy">

Properties loading support three options – auto, eager, and lazy. With the lazy option will delay resource loading until a calculated distance from the viewport is reached.


Let’s create a directive to seamlessly add this attribute if the browser supports it:

First we check if the browser supports this feature or not. If so, we add the loading attribute; If not, we leave it as default.



One more step we can take when the browser doesn’t support it is to call the callback IntersectionObserver ( does not support IE)

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Reference: Some open source projects:

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