Just because the coder mistyped the number, Microsoft’s hot flight simulator game suddenly appeared a hundred-storey tower.

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Recently, Microsoft has released the latest version of the flight simulator game series – Microsoft Flight Simulator , with extremely sharp graphics, detailed, and allows players to travel around the world right on. my PC. If you do not know, this game series has been around for nearly 40 years, “older” than the Windows operating system, and this is also the first time it has been updated by Microsoft since 2014.

As a simulation game, Flight Simulator has used Azure cloud computing technology combined with satellite imagery to create a perfect virtual Earth and as close to reality as possible. However, no matter how careful you are, with a large project like this, errors in programming are unavoidable.

Recently, players were extremely surprised to discover an unusually tall tower that appeared in Australia (of course in the virtual world of Flight Simulator), and certainly unlike any other architecture. any reality today. However, this is not a graphic problem that causes the image in the game to be distorted, but simply a typo from a student.

Chỉ vì coder gõ nhầm số, trò chơi giả lập lái máy bay đang hot của Microsoft bỗng xuất hiện tòa tháp cao trăm tầng - Ảnh 1.

The absurdly tall tower suddenly appeared in Microsoft’s flight simulator game.

Nathan Wright is a college student who edited OpenStreetMap data to complete his graduation essay last year. In the floor number data, Wright typed 212, instead of 2, and accidentally turned a building that was only two stories high into a gigantic super tower over 200 stories high. Sharing with The Verge, Wright said: “I think it was a very interesting experience, because it was my first time playing around with OpenStreetMap. I used it for my university studies, and I don’t think I’ll ever use it again ”.

Wright could not have imagined that what he did for his course was now a hot topic on the Internet, especially among those who love the Microsoft Flight Simulator. His typing error, either intentionally or accidentally, entered the Bing Maps database and was used by Asobo Studios to program the vast world of this super-simulation game. Flight Simulator uses the power of Azure cloud computing technology combined with Bing Maps data to recreate this 212-story tower – a product that exists only in Wright’s imagination.

Chỉ vì coder gõ nhầm số, trò chơi giả lập lái máy bay đang hot của Microsoft bỗng xuất hiện tòa tháp cao trăm tầng - Ảnh 2.

This tower is inherently the product of a typo.

Although another user corrected this typo in the OpenStreetMap data, Wright’s “tower” has forever remained in the history of Flight Simulator as well as the history of the Internet. He himself is quite excited about this incident: “ To be honest, I find it very funny that my tower appeared in the game like that. And to be honest, the online community is truly professional detectives, because they quickly found out that I was the “culprit” that caused that incident . ”

Wright’s 212-storey tower will soon disappear from Flight Simulator after Bing Maps has updated the latest data from OpenStreetMap in Australia, or Microsoft has handled it manually.

In addition, the Flight Simulator community of players has also repeatedly discovered the bad and the funny mistakes in this game. The famous Buckingham Palace, for example, has been turned into a rather mediocre office building; or the green palms in southern California become square and flat like human teeth.

Chỉ vì coder gõ nhầm số, trò chơi giả lập lái máy bay đang hot của Microsoft bỗng xuất hiện tòa tháp cao trăm tầng - Ảnh 3.

The magnificent Buckingham Palace has been “downgrade” into a normal office building like this.

According to TheVerge

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