J&T Express is committed to the quality of the “triad” of delivery services

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This is a service suite that possesses advantages and high competitive advantages compared to existing delivery services in the shipping market.

J&T Express cam kết chất lượng của “bộ ba” dịch vụ giao hàng - Ảnh 1.

Standard Delivery – J&T Express

Standard Delivery – J&T Express is a service that meets the basic needs of freight forwarding. However, this service of J&T possesses advantages compared to other delivery services of the same type on the market. Specifically, about delivery time: J&T Express’s delivery speed is rated higher than average by the majority of users when compared to similar services currently on the market. The second is about cost, Standard Delivery – J&T Express is also rated by users as having a competitive advantage in terms of freight rates. In addition, the brand regularly has incentive programs and promotions to support the sender.

With the advantage of cost, time, after-sales service, Standard Delivery – J&T Express is a suitable service for shop owners who are engaged in online trading with a variety of items weighing < 70kg, especially such as clothes, bags, electrical appliances, …

Fast Service – J&T Fast

The name says it all, Fast Service – J&T Fast is a delivery service that optimizes shipping speed, shortens delivery time quickly. Users using Quick Service – J&T Fast are usually businesses and individuals doing e-commerce business with items such as food, digital devices, cosmetics, brands,… These are the goods, high-class items, need to reach the recipient in a short time.

In terms of price, Fast Service – J&T Fast owns a pretty good price compared to what the shipping statute offers.

Super delivery service – J&T Super

Compared with existing transportation services, J&T Super has many advantages when focusing on special needs that need “priority” in the process of transportation and delivery. J&T Super possesses preeminent features, in all 4 factors: statute of limitations, confidentiality, privilege and professionalism. Businesses, or individual customers with high-end delivery needs should not ignore this service.

-Fast and stable delivery time: Customers using J&T Super service will experience fast and stable delivery service in terms of: time, service method, packing and shipping… The set of goods will be shipped by air, so the shipping time will be shortened by half the journey compared to the Express service. Specifically, delivery time across the country is committed in only 24 hours. If you are a business or individual that needs to send important mail, high-value goods, then J&T Super is the first choice.

-Priority: All customer complaints related to the use of Super Delivery Service – J&T Super is committed to priority solving within 24 hours, ensuring prompt, satisfied and consistent with all progress Work.

-Security – Safety: Goods are packed with specialized packaging, committed to absolute safety and confidentiality, especially suitable when sending personal papers, confidential documents, high-class goods. Besides, customer information is managed, and updated through a separate support application. The product journey is updated and trackable through J&T super dedicated support apps.

– Perks: Specially trained shipper team with unique costumes and identities for customers who register to use Super Delivery Service – J&T Super. In addition, a new hotline was also established, serving the purpose of resolving complaints and placing orders quickly.

J&T Express cam kết chất lượng của “bộ ba” dịch vụ giao hàng - Ảnh 2.

In addition to the “triple set” of domestic transportation services, J&T Express also strengthens international shipping routes to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Sharing about future plans, a representative of J&T Express said that the business will continue to innovate and create in technology and business to bring customers the best service experience. In particular, the business will continue to expand and provide utilities to help users expand their business according to the trend of the e-commerce industry. Thereby, helping customers save a lot of time and effort as well as ensure efficiency in business operations.

J&T Express cam kết chất lượng của “bộ ba” dịch vụ giao hàng - Ảnh 3.

J&T Express is a brand from Indonesia, entering Vietnam market in July 2018. Currently, J&T Express is present in 8 countries Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, China. As a express delivery brand based on the development of technology and the Internet, J&T Express now owns a network of 1900 dense post offices, 1000 delivery vehicles and more than 25,000 employees nationwide.

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