Japanese company allows employees to choose to work from home … permanently

Tram Ho

According to Bloomberg, Fujitsu announced it will reduce 50% of office space in Japan in the next 3 years. The company also encourages about 80,000 home workers.

According to Fujitsu, this is the “new normal” status of the group. Staff working hours will be more flexible. Working from home will also be standard with a number of positions rather than a firefighting option like the COVID-19 epidemic.

 Công ty Nhật cho nhân viên lựa chọn làm việc tại nhà... vĩnh viễn - Ảnh 1.

Each employee of the company will be given 50,000 yen (about 464 USD) to set up home office space and part of the cost of travel.

A prestigious survey published last month showed that 70% of Japanese people support continuing to work from afar, even after dismantling social distance.

In addition to Japan, many multinational technology corporations such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon also have the option of working from home for employees even after the translation.

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Source : Genk