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Common iPhone user screen problems _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

There are many types of screen errors detected on iPhone phones, such as: blue screen error, striped error, screen freezing error, black and white error, touch error, ink flow, light leak, broken screen, etc. yellowing, hanging Apple, flickering, touch disorder, not on screen, wrong display color…

iPhone screen stripes error is quite common and has many different signs depending on the condition of the device. You will see that the screen may appear one or more stripes, which can be horizontal or vertical, in one area or all of the screen. This is a common error, hindering the display function of the device and creating discomfort if you look at the screen for a long time.

iPhone bị lỗi màn hình - Chuyện không của riêng ai cần được khắc phục - Ảnh 1.

iPhone screen appears streaks

Another possible error is that the iPhone screen is paralyzed. At this point, you can’t tap or swipe to work at a specific point, or worse, the entire screen. The condition is mild, you can still manage to use it temporarily, but if the device is paralyzed in many areas, it needs to be repaired before it can be used again.

iPhone bị lỗi màn hình - Chuyện không của riêng ai cần được khắc phục - Ảnh 2.

The touch layer of iPhone Xs Max is broken

Unlike the two situations above, when the iPhone screen is frozen, almost the user can’t do anything and the phone doesn’t have any sign of access. When restarting or updating, the screen only shows the missing apple logo. Most of the Apple crashes on Apple devices are caused by software conflicts, there are many applications running in the background causing overload.

What is the cause when the iPhone screen is faulty ?

The iPhone screen error often has many causes, related to both hardware and software.

One of the common causes is that the phone is physically impacted, due to impact, dropped or bumped, pinched by a hard object when you put it in a carrying bag with many objects.

iPhone bị lỗi màn hình - Chuyện không của riêng ai cần được khắc phục - Ảnh 3.

iPhone screen broken glass due to impact

Not only that, exposure to liquid through accidents such as spilled or dropped into water can also be the cause. New iPhones are all equipped with water-resistant features, but many old iPhone models or repaired iPhones that are no longer original will lose this ability. So when entering the water, the screen will be damaged, the touch is not good, it will not display …

Inappropriate usage habits such as overnight charging or charging and use can also lead to phone degradation, including screen damage. In addition, it is not excluded that the iPhone phone has a screen failure due to a manufacturer error.

In addition to hardware failures, problems during operating system upgrades or the installation of conflicting applications, malicious applications can cause screen errors that are often seen as freezing. , jerky lag.

Fix iPhone screen errors quickly at Mobile Center _ _ _ _ _

Faulty iPhone screen is a problem that needs to be fixed urgently so as not to affect the use. When your iPhone has screen-related errors such as stripes, no display, hangs, flickers and many other signs, you should bring the device to a reputable mobile device repair system. In which, Mobile Institute is a unit with more than 12 years of experience and specializes in “treating” screen-related errors.

For devices that have expired warranty or have errors not caused by the manufacturer, the cost of repairing and replacing components makes many users wonder. So the places that provide iPhone screen replacement , touch replacement, glass replacement – iPhone glass pressing services at a reasonable cost but ensure genuine components, quick repair, high quality services like the system. Mobile Institute is the place where you can give your trust.

iPhone bị lỗi màn hình - Chuyện không của riêng ai cần được khắc phục - Ảnh 4.

Replace iPhone screen at Mobile Institute

Owning a team of highly skilled technicians, and a system of advanced repair equipment, customers can rest assured to use the service here. After verifying the error and the cause and handling direction, the consultant will quote the service price to the customer, ensuring no hidden costs. The process of repairing and replacing iPhone components is quick so you can observe. The repair of Mobile Institute always ensures transparency and if there is any dissatisfaction, customers will be refunded 100%.

iPhone bị lỗi màn hình - Chuyện không của riêng ai cần được khắc phục - Ảnh 5.

Customers waiting at the spot to pick up the machine

For information about repair services at Mobile Institute in Ho Chi Minh City , Hanoi, Da Nang, please contact:

– Website: https://viendidong.com/

– Hotline: 1800.6729 (toll free)

– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/viendidong

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