iPhone 2020 will likely be equipped with 6GB of RAM

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Specifically, the most advanced iPhone models next year will be equipped with up to 6GB of RAM instead of the current 4GB of RAM. These models are said to be the next generation of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max – according to Apple’s supply chain sources in Asia.

However, the junior of the regular iPhone 11 will still only have 4GB of RAM.

RAM problem on iPhone

The first iPhone, released in 2007, only had 128MB of RAM. Obviously, this number increases significantly over the years. iPhone 5 in 2013 was the first iPhone to have 1GB of RAM, then doubled in the 6S version. iPhone X has 3GB of RAM, and iPhone XS is 4GB of RAM. All new iPhone models this year, 2019, keep the same 4GB figure.

While the speed of the new processor has the greatest impact on device performance, RAM plays a key role in multitasking. Switching between applications is faster as they are all stored on RAM instead of having to be reloaded from the beginning.

iPhone famously multitasking is not good. That’s evident in the multitasking test between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, which you can see below. Apple’s flagship model beats the competition at app loading speed, but loses at the speed of reopening the app after exiting the main screen. That’s because the Note 10+ has 12GB of RAM, while the iPhone has only 4GB, forcing the device to completely reload many applications that its opponent only needs to remove from RAM to be used immediately.

That doesn’t mean the iPhone 2020 will need 12GB of RAM. iOS is much more efficient than Android OS in memory management, so just 6GB of RAM should be enough for you to feel a significant difference.

In addition, this is probably a sign that Apple will increase RAM on the iPad Pro 2020. Most 2018 iPad models have 4GB of RAM, except for the 1TB version with 6GB of RAM.

Other improvements on iPhone 2020

The iPhone 2020 will most likely be called the iPhone 12 and will have a 3D sensor for use in augmented reality features. It has previously been reported that this technology will appear first on the next iPad Pro before “landing” on iPhones.

And almost certainly the iPhone 2020 will have 5G high speed wireless mobile network connectivity. The sources also said the device will support mmWave, a 5G version deployed by the majority of US carriers.

Reference: CultofMac

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