iOS 15 suggests future iPhones might combine Face ID and Touch ID?

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According to the traditional schedule, Apple is expected to reveal the first details about the next version of the iOS operating system at the WWDC event scheduled to hold in June and officially release in September.

iOS 15 gợi ý iPhone tương lai có thể kết hợp giữa Face ID và Touch ID? - Ảnh 1.

Accordingly, the first beta will be released immediately after the event. Although WWDC 2021 is a few months away, the iPhoneSoft site has the latest information about iOS 15 right now.

Specifically, iOS 15 will have the same Control Center as on macOS 11 Big Sur. In other words, Apple is planning to unify the Control Center experience across platforms. However, Apple so far has not had any confirmation on this matter.

Touch ID return?

It looks like Apple is looking to enable two biometric methods at the same time on iOS 15 and for just one very simple reason. That is in addition to Face ID, a future iPhone model may be equipped with a Touch ID sensor.

Apple abandoned the Touch ID sensor in 2017 when it introduced a new iPhone X model with facial recognition. Currently, the fingerprint sensor feature is only available on older iPhone models and on iPhone SE 2020.

iOS 15 gợi ý iPhone tương lai có thể kết hợp giữa Face ID và Touch ID? - Ảnh 2.

However, many leaks and leaked sources believe that Apple can bring Touch ID back on the iPhone 13 and Apple will use the same method as many Android smartphones. Specifically, Apple can integrate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor under the screen, so it will not need a dedicated physical button as before. Meanwhile, Face ID’s TrueDepth sensor will remain.

If this information is real, the new iPhone will have more convenient security measures for users.

Of course this is just a rumor, so we can’t be sure when Apple will actually adopt it. Therefore, we still need to wait and see the latest moves of Apple in the coming time.

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