Introduction to Java

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1. What is java?

Java is a platform for developing software applications with great position in the late 20th century and early 21st century. Marking the maturity of object-oriented programming model, it is considered a platform Revolutionary platform in the software industry. Virtual Machine virtual machine model has allowed applications written in Java to run on many different operating systems.

First appeared in 1992 as a language used within Sun Microsystems to build applications to control the processors inside cell phones, microwaves, consumer electronics. other uses. Not just a language, Java is also an application development and deployment platform in which the Java virtual machine and interpreter have a central role.

Sun, the company that invented the Java language, officially released Java Development Kit 1.0 in 1996 for free for developers to download, learn Java, build Java applications, and deploy. them on operating systems that support Java. Initially, Java was primarily used to develop applets, applications embedded in the browser, contributing to the dynamic static web pages that were very boring at the time. However, with the development of information technology and the needs of society, the Java applet has gradually lost its place and instead, Java-based companies and communities have developed it in a way. other direction Currently, Java technology is divided into three parts:

J2SE Includes Java kernel specifications, tools, and APIs for developing desktop applications and defining Java kernel components. J2EE Includes J2SE specifications, tools, and extensions to develop enterprise-scale applications, primarily to run on the server. The most frequently mentioned part of this technology is Servlet / JSP technology: using Java to make web applications. J2ME Includes extended specifications, tools, APIs for developing Java applications that run on mobile phones, smart cards, handheld devices, robos and other electronic applications.

Java has undergone three important development steps: Java 1.0 is tied to the first JDK, Java 2 is tied to JDK 1.2, and Java 5 is tied to J2SDK 1.5.

Today, when it comes to Java people no longer just refer to Java as a language, but to Java as a technology or a development platform. It includes parts:

2. Application of Java

Today Java is used for the following purposes:

3. The basic characteristics of Java

4. The basic platform of Java.

Java Platform consists of 3 main components:

5. The standard of a typical Java environment

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