In the midst of his wife and mistress fighting, Taobao president was caught in manipulation, causing the biggest social network of China to be fined.

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The Xinhua News Agency reported on June 10 that the China National Information Network Office directed the Beijing Network Information Office to suspend some of Weibo’s prominent features – the largest social networking site in the country. The cause comes from the action interfering with user activities and information dissemination. This incident involved a Chiang man and this was a crime.

Accordingly, the company of Weibo is forced to immediately fix the problem, pause the most searched listings (hot search) and the hot topic list (hot topic) on Weibo for 1 week, from June 10 to June 17. Those responsible will be dealt with severely.

This information immediately caused the Chinese public opinion to stir up, in part because Weibo was the largest social network of the billion-nation, partly because the incident involved a character they thought. The online community believes that this person is the chairman of Taobao Jiang Fan.

On the evening of April 17, Jiang Fan’s wife posted a forum denouncing her husband of adultery with leading Chinese online hotgirl Zhang Pandemic with a status line on Weibo. However, shortly after, the chairman of Taobao announced his personal page was blocked by Weibo.

At the same time, the status line denouncing the off-line relationship of Chairman Taobao has also “evaporated”, does not exist on this social network anymore.

Giữa lúc vợ và nhân tình đấu đá, chủ tịch Taobao lại vướng vào lùm xùm thao túng khiến MXH lớn nhất Trung Quốc bị phạt - Ảnh 1.

Tuong Pham and Truong Dai Pand “third person” (right).

Not only the wife’s personal page, many other netizens also deleted posts related to Chiang and Zhang Dafa.

The affair scandal of chairman Taobao and the most famous hotgirl in China is breaking news, but in fact, although the public is very interested, this incident did not appear in the list of hot topics for many days. later.

It is known that Alibaba is the parent company of Taobao and Tmall and is also the second largest shareholder of Weibo, holding more than 30% of the shares.

Source: Xinhua News Agency, Sohu

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