Implementing AI – VinDR solution in medical imaging

Tram Ho

With the ability to identify abnormalities above 90% – VinDr will be of great assistance to doctors in cancer screening and detection of incurable diseases.

AI-based medical image analysis solution (VinDr) has been researched and developed since the end of 2018, in order to support doctors to make accurate and quick decisions in image diagnosis. According to the plan, VinDr solution will have 6 diagnostic functions, in the immediate future, to deploy 2 functions: Diagnosis of lung diseases on chest radiography and diagnosis of breast cancer on X-ray images. breast. Four functions including: Diagnosis of lung cancer on tomography (CT), Diagnosis of liver cancer on CT images, Diagnosis of brain stroke on CT images, Diagnosis of brain tumors on magnetic resonance imaging – will be deployed in 2021.

Triển khai giải pháp AI – VinDR trong chuẩn đoán hình ảnh y tế - Ảnh 1.

VinDr has the role of consulting an objective consultation, ensuring that small details are not missed, helping doctors have enough data to make the best decision. In particular, with the ability to self-optimize over time, the AI ​​algorithm will be constantly trained from experienced image diagnosis doctors. Besides the diagnosis, VinDr can also automatically pinpoint suspected lesions and point out anomalies with an average accuracy of over 90%.

AI – VinDr medical image analysis solution will be deployed for 2-month trial at 3 major hospitals in Hanoi: 108 Military Central Hospital, Hanoi Medical University Hospital and General Hospital International Vinmec Times City. During the trial period, VinBDI will install and support the use of the software, and gather the evaluation of doctors before proceeding to deploy on a large scale.

Evaluation of VinDr, Dr. Le Tuan Linh, Head of Imaging Department, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, said: “Early detection of cancer through imaging diagnosis plays an important role in the treatment. The application of AI in this field will create an effective tool to support cancer screening programs or other incurable diseases in the future. topped the image diagnostic support “.

In Vietnam, each year about 15,000 breast cancer cases, of which 70% of cases detected late. In the world, there are 2 million new breast cancer cases and more than 500,000 deaths each year. Therefore, many major countries have invested heavily in the development of AI applications in medical imaging.

“VinBDI has spent nearly 2 years researching a comprehensive solution in image diagnosis using AI to reduce the workload for the very thin doctor force today. Our aim is to bring medical solutions. modern and useful, effective support for hospitals and contribute to early treatment of patients “- Professor Vu Ha Van, Scientific Director of VinBDI Big Data Research Institute (Vingroup) said.

VinDr is the latest technology product of Vingroup after announcing its focus on technology in 2018. Previously, VinDr proved world-class by continuously ranking high in many prestigious competitions. such as: No. 1 CheXpert contest – diagnosing 13 diseases and signs on lung X-ray organized by Stanford University; First prize in the contest of abnormalities on endoscopic images of ISBI conference in 2020; Top 10 out of 1,345 units participated in the CT-diagnostic brain imaging contest organized by RSNA (North American Photovoltaic Association).

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Source : Genk