How to train the brain to release more happy hormones?

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Have you ever wished that you could control the secretion of hormones in the brain, including the happy hormones? If not then imagine a lazy Monday morning when you struggle to wake up, when you’re tired of repetitive work every day or even when you need a little extra energy and love. love to take care of family members.

Assuming the release of hormones into the brain is like turning a faucet, you will be able to control all your emotions arbitrarily. But is that possible? Can we train to control or ” hack ” into happy hormone hoses in the brain?

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How to train your brain to make more happy hormones?

“Finding good emotions is the engine of all species in nature, ” said Professor Loretta Breuning, founder of the Inner Mammal Research Institute. ” For example, animals search for food to reduce their hunger [and also to survive].

They seek warmth to reduce the bad feelings caused by the cold [if you don’t want to lower your temperature to dangerous levels]. And happy chemicals will begin to flow [in their brains] before even an animal finds food or warms up, [their happy hose opens] as soon as they find a solution for that vital need “.

The same is true with humans. The happy chemical discharge hose will be opened inside the brain, as soon as you see a solution to meet your survival needs, such as when you see food, a safe shelter or get social help.

The feeling we call ” happiness ” actually comes from the four special brain chemicals: dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin. These happy chemical taps will open when your brain sees anything that supports your survival.

Oh, do you remember the feeling of receiving a paycheck every month?

Yes, wages support your survival in the present life. But the “ting ting ” from your phone only activates your brain the same way a prehistoric man killed a deer to get enough food for the rest of the month, or maybe half a month.

The problem is that as soon as the happy hormon is opened, it will shut down. You may feel happy 5 minutes after receiving your pay, maybe an hour, but not until mid-month. And each hormone is actually triggering different feelings of happiness, in different short ” long ” periods.

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There are 4 types of happiness hormones, each of which is actually activating different feelings of happiness.

For example:

Dopamine is a hormone that gives you excitement and creates an energy boost when you find things that meet your needs. It stood behind the feeling of ” Eureka! I got it!”.

But right after every Eureka moment, the dopamine hose will close, forever giving the old feeling. And dopamine is also not released when your needs are met. So, in order to open the dopamine tube, you have to search for new feelings, new Eureka moments and meet new needs.

Endorphins are hormones that create feelings of excitement. It can help you hide your pain for a short time. Assuming you’ve just fallen from the car, the endorphins will open so you can temporarily feel no pain. The same thing happens when a runner runs to the finish line, endorphins can make her or him extremely happy, can laugh or cry but forget the physical pain under his feet.

Endorphins also stand behind the tolerance of some people. If you ask why a woman can live with an abusive husband, it is because they have a strong endorphins reaction.

Oxytocin is a hormone that creates a sense of security that helps you connect and trust others. When the oxytocin nozzle is opened, it promotes our sense of attachment to friends, relatives and society, but when it is closed, the absence of oxytocin can make us feel lonely. .

Serotonin is a hormone that makes you feel proud or respected by others. The feeling of happiness and happiness when you are honored in a contest, behind it is serotonin. However, this same hormone will make you compare yourself to others and like to dominate with them, it will push you into a competitive loop.

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Inside our brain there are 4 tubes for 4 happy chemicals.

Professor Loretta said the taps that secrete all four of these happy chemicals suddenly turn off. It causes the hormonal flow to skyrocket and eventually drop with your emotions.

That’s why people want to find ways to stimulate them more , she said. ” The challenge is that we can’t feel happy right away at all times, and often happiness also comes with unintended side effects.”

Happiness makes you have to trade. Think of the many years of hard training for a track athlete, the trauma she went through, before she had a moment of shine and a moment of crying on the platform. solution.

However, that does not mean that you are completely out of control with the happy chemical nozzles in your brain.

“By building happy habits in your brain, you can find healthy ways to regulate these chemicals, making them serve you and others around you ,” said professor Loretta. suggestions. And here are the methods you can try:

1. Divide the target to get dopamine

Làm sao để tập luyện não bộ tiết ra nhiều hooc-môn hạnh phúc hơn? - Ảnh 4.

Whenever you set a goal, if you just focus on one last goal, whether it’s getting the car out of the parking lot, completing a project, and becoming a superstar in your field. , you will also receive dopamine only once when you finish them, no matter how long or short.

This goal-setting strategy, which, in fact, has no strategy, is blocking your dopamine hose. Therefore, to set goals in a smarter way, you should break it down into stages, with small goals that are easy to achieve.

For example, if you set a goal to exercise during the new year, try setting it up as follows. In the first week, try to go to the gym one session, the second week, keep going to the gym for a session. By the third and fourth week, increase the number of your training sessions, depending on your strength, and make sure you achieve them.

In this way, you can enjoy regular dopamine rewards, and these happy feelings will come back to help you along the way to your final goal, assuming you go to the gym 5 times. /week.

2. Five minutes of breaks with endorphins

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If you’re an office worker, there’s an extremely easy way to boost your endorphins level immediately: Get out of your chair and take a quick walk, or climb a few floors up the stairs. Yes, quick movements usually open the endorphins for you.

After every 2 hours of work, exercise 5 minutes. Meanwhile, you can wear headphones and play a song, an audiobook or podcast you like. Endorphins will help you have a fun short summer vacation right in your working hours.

3. Build trust to release oxytocin

Làm sao để tập luyện não bộ tiết ra nhiều hooc-môn hạnh phúc hơn? - Ảnh 6.

When you build fences around you, avoid social contact, and struggle to open up to others, that’s when you’re locking your oxytocin hose. Although it may be a legitimate defense of you, when you want to avoid disappointment or don’t want to repeat the betrayal you have met in the past, if you are isolating yourself and feeling unhappy. blessed?

After all, it’s hard to build trust and open a happy oxytocin when you feel like a prey being snatched up. Therefore, like setting small goals with dopamine, you must also set small steps gradually, to build trust with those around you, and with the whole society.

Try talking a little with this person for one day, and then another small story for another. Maintain these chores at regular intervals, and you will find yourself reconnected to the world. The oxytocin hose will slowly drip until it is free to open as you like.

4. Selfless with yourself

Làm sao để tập luyện não bộ tiết ra nhiều hooc-môn hạnh phúc hơn? - Ảnh 7.

Inevitable, we all have a feeling of insecurity sometimes when we are in a threatened situation. Understand that, inside you still have the instinct to be created by nature as an animal will help you be more selfless with yourself.

Even if you are failing in your business (without serotonin) and have never had a clear year-long achievement (without dopamine), you can still console yourself with endorphins and oxytocin if you Have an altruistic heart, a happy family.

Or, on the other hand, your family may be in discord, but that can motivate you to develop your career and be respected by others. After all, it’s rare for all four of your hormones to dry up in one go, because they’re all programmed for our survival.

And the important thing is that if you understand how these taps work, you can completely control them and feel happier, regardless of your circumstances and circumstances.

Happiness sometimes comes from very small things, because happiness is something you can control.

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