How many electric cars has VinFast sold in Vietnam?

Tram Ho

VinFast đã bán bao nhiêu ô tô điện tại Việt Nam? - Ảnh 1.

VinFast has just announced its business results report in February 2023 with 416 electric cars VF8 and VF e34 handed over to customers. Specifically, the Vietnamese automaker has handed over 266 VF8s and 150 VF e34s to users. Accumulated in the first 2 months of the year, a total of 744 VinFast branded electric cars have been sold.

More broadly, VinFast’s total number of electric cars rolled in Vietnam has nearly reached 10,000 units in the past year – 9,487 vehicles to be exact.

December 25, 2021 is considered a memorable milestone for VinFast when it first handed over 85 VinFast VF e34s to Vietnamese customers. Since then, a total of 4,327 VF e34s have been sold, excluding September 2 and October 2022 sales when the company did not announce business results to complete the complete transfer from petrol cars to petrol cars. tram.

VinFast đã bán bao nhiêu ô tô điện tại Việt Nam? - Ảnh 2.

Sales of two electric car models of VinFast over the months.

Meanwhile, VinFast VF8 was also announced to be handed over from September 2022 and so far has sold 5,160 units , of which nearly 4,300 units were handed over in December 2022 – also the peak month in terms of sales. VinFast’s number since the electric vehicle business.

In fact, during 2022, VinFast in particular and the Vietnamese auto market in general face many difficulties in the supply chain, leading to a serious shortage of cars to hand over to customers.

It is expected that VinFast’s sales will be boosted when the company officially opens for sale 2 more models including VF9 and VF5 Plus. As planned, VF5 Plus will be handed over in April. This is a high-class A-class chassis, which is said to be the ideal choice to replace the Fadil – the model that used to be the “king of sales” in the Vietnamese car market in 2021. The car is priced at 458 million without battery (+) 80 million if purchased with batteries).

Meanwhile, VF9 is positioned in the high-end E-class SUV segment with 2 versions, Eco, priced from VND 1,491 billion and Plus priced from VND 1,685 billion.

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Source : Genk