How do I combine Windows with Linux?

I just updated it last night …

You probably already know about the updated Windows 10 Anniversary on August 2 (2016)

A rather awaited function is: Windows Subsystem for Linux

Get familiar with Ubuntu on Windows

First, go through this installation guide of M $ (Microsoft):

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.49.28 PM

Or watch the tutorial video here:

Meow ~

: 3 So now we have 1 2 in 1 …

Hmm ..


The Ubuntu has just installed it! It is here:

C: Users% USERPROFILE% AppData Local xxss rootfs

The directory of the root user is located at:

C: Users% USERPROFILE% AppData Local xss root

And the directory of other users is located at:

C: Users% USERPROFILE% AppData Local xxss home

Now I build the nodejs environment on Linux just installed. For what? A little later you will know the secret: ">

Wait for it to finish.

Try with a bullshit project:

Create file: index.js somewhere. !!! Note. Create with Windows editor, and open any folder with Windows. : ">


More information:

This mnt folder is "This PC"

Special thing

Now. You just need to work with your projects as usual, with your IDE tools, Editor on Windows. Ah, quick mouse operations to open the folder and so on. The advantages that Windows always has are its. And?

And how ..

You just need to ctrl + right click on (or in) any folder you want, and. Click from the Open command window drop-down menu here .

Indifferent, the bash fins of linux have cd to your project. So what to do?

Instead of using the Windows environment to run your project.

You can run it in a Linux environment:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 3.51.40 PM

Then open the browser and type: http: // localhost: 1234

So what about installing a separate Linux machine to do? While you can use everything of Linux in a Windows machine.


This is a feature I really like and is definitely the answer to some points about Windows like:

Don't ask why do I install this one … the other one says that the node gyp rebuild error etc., because I use it, don't cry ? (read here, please add the number of wasted hours to google how to install xx on the win)

In this article:

I hope, this WIndows love and Linux is a good thing <3

Windows has become more powerful than ever

Speaking of that, but actually, I still prefer Mac more: ”> ahihi

Ah, P / s

Say what you say, but the error on the win will be easier to fix if you have never touched Linux, but. With this new feature of Windows, you should practice using Linux just now: p

Other miscellaneous

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To use Ubuntu's graphical interface on Windows, see the article:

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