Hackers claim to be able to jailbreak any iPhone running iOS 13.5

Tram Ho

Apple just launched iOS 13.5 less than a day, but the hacker group developing the unc0ver jailbreak tool has announced it can unlock this version of the operating system on any device that is using it.

In other words, with their software, you will be able to jailbreak every device, including all the latest iPhone models running iOS 13.5.

The unc0ver team announced in a tweet today that the unc0ver 5.0 jailbreak tool will support iOS 13.5, and will be coming soon.

We will release unc0ver 5.0.0 with the ability to support every signed version of iOS on any device, taking advantage of a flaw in the kernel called 0day from Pwn20wnd ” – the hacker group said.

No other specific information was provided, but with this group using the word “very soon” (very soon), it seems that the launch date of the first jailbreak tool for iOS 13.5 is not far away.

Support all iPhone models

Hacker khẳng định đã có thể jailbreak bất kỳ chiếc iPhone nào đang chạy iOS 13.5 - Ảnh 1.

The unc0ver official website states that their jailbreak tool will work on every device running iOS 11 to 13.5, and right now, the jailbreak tool is still in beta. However, the final stability testing process has reached 90%, which means that very soon, the unc0ver 5.0 version will be released for everyone to download.

The hacker group claims they have tried their jailbreak solution with iOS 13.5 working on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. , and iPhone 7.

Until now, jailbreaking the iPhone was the only way to bypass Apple’s “tyranny” and remove some of the limitations the company had put on their devices. An iPhone after jailbreak will have access to a lot of customization tools and new applications that were previously blocked by Apple for “security” reasons.

Reference: Softpedia

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