Great war of 2 trillion dollars: Microsoft made Tim Cook ‘crazy’ with Windows 11, Facebook and Google also joined the war

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Recently, the fact that Microsoft has released a version of Windows 11 since the last update in 2015 has attracted the attention of the media. However, the most notable thing is not the new features that this operating system brings, instead it is Microsoft’s declaration of war straight into the fundamental business model of Apple, the iPhone maker. .

First, the information that Windows 11 is not officially supported on Mac has been reported by the media before. Specifically, Microsoft chose to increase the hardware requirements to run Windows 11, thereby causing many Apple products to fail to meet the requirements or use tricks to adapt.

So even if you have a Mac with the most recent generations of Intel processors, you probably won’t be able to run Windows 11 on it, at least not officially.

Đại chiến 2 nghìn tỷ USD: Microsoft khiến Tim Cook ‘nổi điên’ với Windows 11, Facebook và Google cũng tham chiến - Ảnh 1.

However, this is not a big deal because users can still use virtual machine tricks to run Windows 11 on Apple Macs. What makes Tim Cook mad is that the official Windows 11 operating system released later this year will be integrated with the Windows Store, an app marketplace that allows developers to use their own payment system without paying for Microsoft.

This application will allow users to find and run the Android platforms of their phones on personal computers, thereby creating a huge competitive advantage over the Apple Store, which has a fee as high as 30%.

Thus Windows 11 is no different from a direct declaration of war by Microsoft to the missing apple house. Please be reminded that Apple is famous for charging manufacturers when only allowing users to download apps from their Apple Store marketplace.

According to Reuters news agency, this battle is expected to be extremely intense when on one side is Microsoft, a new enterprise with a market capitalization of $ 2 trillion and on the other is Apple, the only US corporation that has previously reached this level market capitalization of 2 trillion USD. Not stopping there, the Windows Store also challenged Alphabet’s Play Store (Google), a paid app similar to Apple but on Android.

Đại chiến 2 nghìn tỷ USD: Microsoft khiến Tim Cook ‘nổi điên’ với Windows 11, Facebook và Google cũng tham chiến - Ảnh 2.

Windows has always been an ally of developers on copyright issues as well as representing the interests of consumers ,” emphasized Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Battle of the big guys

The explosion of the personal computer helped make the Windows operating system widely available, but Microsoft’s glory days are over as Apple and Google Software take market share along with the rise of the Smartphone.

However, Windows is still one of the major platforms of the world technology platform with a significant market share of the personal computer segment. This business brought in $48.2 billion of Microsoft’s $143 billion in revenue according to its most recent fiscal report. Meanwhile, IDC’s report shows that Windows still accounts for 80% of the market share of personal computers and laptops.

Aware of the problem that it still has a lot of loyal users, Microsoft has made many improvements to Windows 11. From the integration of Microsoft chat software Teams to upgrades to help gamers experience better.

Đại chiến 2 nghìn tỷ USD: Microsoft khiến Tim Cook ‘nổi điên’ với Windows 11, Facebook và Google cũng tham chiến - Ảnh 3.

However, the biggest turning point came from Microsoft’s targeting of app makers on Android. Remember that the world still has about 1.3 billion Windows operating system users, although less than 1.65 billion users of Apple and 3 billion users of Android, the advantage of no commission is extremely attractive. .

Microsoft even said it will integrate useful tools for content producers in Windows 11.

Earlier, Microsoft reduced the fee for selling video games on its platforms from 15% to 12%, and repeatedly criticized the AppStore’s excessive fees.

The war doesn’t just stop between the two giants of 2 trillion. While Microsoft’s move challenged both Apple and Google, before that, the apple house took the step to declare war on Facebook.

Specifically, Apple has made significant improvements in the new software update iOS 15 related to photo sharing, allowing Android users to also use FaceTime … thereby threatening to compete with Facebook.

In response, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a 30 percent moratorium on content producers on their Facebook platform until 2023.

Thus, the melee between the four giants Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google has begun and is heating up.

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