Google launches Android 11 Go, opening apps 20% faster

Tram Ho

Just recently, Google has launched the official version of Android 11 operating system, for Pixel smartphones and a number of other smartphones from Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme. Today, Google continues to release the official version of Android 11 Go, for low-profile devices.

Google ra mắt Android 11 Go, mở ứng dụng nhanh hơn 20% - Ảnh 1.

One of the new features of Android 11 Go, is that will support devices with 2GB RAM or less. Previously, Android 10 Go only supported devices with 1.5GB or less RAM. However, older devices will not be able to update Android 11 Go, Google said the operating system will be pre-installed for the newly launched devices.

Google also said that pre-installed Android 11 Go operating system will be entirely up to the manufacturers. Therefore, Google is also unable to provide a list of upcoming devices that will have Android 11 Go installed.

According to Google, Android 11 Go can help apps launch up to 20% faster than Android 10 Go. Android 11 Go will also add gesture-based navigation gestures, which you can use to swipe around the main interface just like on an iPhone.

Reference: theverge

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