Germany investigates Apple

Tram Ho

The German antitrust agency said it had opened an investigation into Apple to see if this “big man” was taking advantage of market power. Authorities will determine whether Apple is of “primary importance in the markets”, hindering competition.

According to Andreas Mundt, president of the German Antitrust Office (FCO), the focus of the investigation is on the operation of the App Store because in many cases it gives Apple the power to influence third parties.

Đức điều tra Apple - Ảnh 1.

Thanks to a newly reformed antitrust law, the FCO is using its new powers to launch investigations into Google, Facebook and Amazon for its user data practices. The agency also revealed that it is considering further proceedings against Apple after receiving complaints about its anticompetitive practices. In particular, “apple defect” is accused of favoring itself when pre-installing self-developed applications on the device.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed that the App Store offers equal opportunities to all German app developers. The Company will discuss with the FCO and openly communicate any concerns.

According to Reuters

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