Flying colors for more than 1 month, “King of stubbornness” Phimmoi is back with a new interface?

Tram Ho

On the evening of September 25, on the forums, netizens spread to each other that a website with the domain name **** has the same interface and movie division as the old website. Along with the name, many people believe that this is the return of his “stubborn king”.

This incident immediately sparked controversy in the online community. Besides the objection, many people said that they were too used to Phimmoi constantly changing the domain name because this website provided a huge stock of pirated movies, so it was constantly copyrighted and reported many times to the point of fading. Each time it was banned, Phimmoi continuously changed its domain name from to or and most recently to Phimmoiplus. Basically, the new names have the same interface as the original.

Besides, according to the reporter’s research, the latest website address of Phimmoi is, which has now changed the domain name to https://**** and the interface is also different from with the old interface of Phimmoi.

Bay màu hơn 1 tháng, Vua lì đòn Phimmoi lại quay trở lại với giao diện mới? - Ảnh 1.


Currently, it is not clear if these websites are really, or just a movie page set up to click and post banner ads, but it is also causing a huge stir in the online community.

Previously, on August 19, the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Investigation Agency said that it was investigating a case of infringement of copyright and related rights according to the decision to prosecute a criminal case related to the website: happened in HCMC.

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Police, since 2014, Mr. NTT (from Lam Dong) built a website to show movies online for free on the internet. Mr. T. has hired 2 people with high technical skills in information technology in Dong Nai to program, administer and operate the website: .

Mr. T’s group exploited, copied, used, displayed and communicated cinematographic works to the public without permission of the right holder and did business in advertising illegal products and services on the films. copyrighted, in order to gain illicit profits of particularly large sums.

In addition, the police also asked Mr. NTT and individuals related to the Board of Management, Operation and Transactions of the website: to go to PC03 Team 9 to clarify, the relevant incident.

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