Fearing that Elon Musk would fall into arguing online, Tesla recruited his security specialist on Twitter

Tram Ho

As a celebrity who prefers to use social media, Elon Musk’s Twitter account has 42.6 million followers. It is also where he regularly updates new products, hot events, comments on Tesla stock prices, as well as gives feedback to customers about Tesla products.

It seems that Musk’s effectiveness in using Twitter caused Tesla to ditch public relations as a whole last October.

Sợ Elon Musk sa đà vào cãi nhau trên mạng, Tesla tuyển cả chuyên viên bảo vệ ông trên Twitter - Ảnh 1.

So, strangely enough, recently, Tesla started hiring a full-time “customer support specialist”. The employee’s job will “deal with the escalating social stresses targeting the CEO” – in other words, the person whose job is to protect Musk on social media from angry customers.

Musk’s frequent presence on Twitter, as well as his repeated use of the social network to sarcasm and criticize other celebrities, has caused his tweets many times controversial.

And when arguing with each other over the phone keyboard and the computer, rarely say a few words to each other, not to mention those who deliberately mess up when posting unsubstantiated tweets aimed at the CEO. Tesla. So if he doesn’t have a cold head on his side and leaves Musk alone in these idle controversies, the company’s governance can suffer.

Sợ Elon Musk sa đà vào cãi nhau trên mạng, Tesla tuyển cả chuyên viên bảo vệ ông trên Twitter - Ảnh 2.

Jay Boller, who discovered the job posting to protect Mr. Musk on Tesla Twitter

What’s more, since the public relations division was dissolved last year, Musk’s Twitter account is virtually the only online communication channel between the company and customers to answer questions for them. like dealing with quality complaints such as finishing problems, poor seat belts, or some cases where the roof of the car is still flying off on the go …

Meanwhile, Tesla’s Twitter account, although in existence, has barely been active and has been shown to respond to customer complaints if any.

In April 2019, Musk settled a deal with the US Securities and Exchange Commission that required the Tesla CEO to receive approval for every post on any social network. This comes after a series of lawsuits caused by Musk’s blunt tweets. More than a year after the deal was made, Musk seems to need help with his social media play again.

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