Face recognition technology mistook a student as a criminal “Apple was sued, must compensate $ 1 billion

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An 18-year-old student filed a lawsuit against Apple for causing him to be arrested in November last year.

Recently, a student in New York filed a lawsuit against Apple, demanding compensation of up to $ 1 billion. The student accused the “Apples” face recognition software of misidentification, causing him to be involved in a series of burglaries at previous Apple Store stores.

Ousmane Bah, 18, said he was arrested at his home in New York last November and accused of stealing at Apple Store stores. The arrest warrant correctly stated his name but posted a completely different picture, Bah wrote in the complaint that was filed on Monday. 6/2018, the time when he was attending a prom with his friends in Manhattan.

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Bah said that he had lost his school card before, had no photos, and maybe criminals used it as a false identity when stealing Apple stores. Therefore, according to Bah, his name may have been connected to the face of a criminal in Apple’s face recognition system, the technology that Bah believes is used by Apple in stores to follow. Watch those suspected of stealing.

“I was forced to answer questioning with many incorrect allegations. That makes me stressed and severely hurt , Bah said.

Apple and Security Industry Specialiest Inc., a bodyguard company, were also listed in the lawsuit with the defendants, refusing to comment on the case.

The case was filed in the US District Court, South New York County and has not yet set a hearing date.

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