Downloading Windows 11 illegally, users are “promoted” to add malicious code

Tram Ho

Windows 11 is the next version of Microsoft’s operating system, which was teased by the US technology corporation in June. Windows 11 brings a few interface changes (new Start Menu, rounded windows …), along with a few features such as Snap layout, built-in Microsoft Teams, enhanced gaming experience and especially is the ability to run Android apps.

Tải Windows 11 lậu, người dùng được khuyến mãi thêm mã độc - Ảnh 1.

Windows 11, the next version of the Windows operating system

Although it is still in beta, many users, especially technology fans, want to experience Windows 11 soon through downloading installers from unofficial sources.

According to a report from security firm Kaspersky , users who download these unauthenticated versions of Windows 11 may be at risk of catching some malicious code. Specifically, the company recently collected a file sample claiming to be a Windows 11 installer with the name “86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe”. The rather large 1.75GB size of this file can easily lead users to believe that they have downloaded the complete installer.

Tải Windows 11 lậu, người dùng được khuyến mãi thêm mã độc - Ảnh 2.
Tải Windows 11 lậu, người dùng được khuyến mãi thêm mã độc - Ảnh 3.

Malware “hiding” in the Windows 11 installer was detected by Kaspersky

However, according to Kaspersky’s analysis, taking up most of this size is a completely useless “junk” .DLL file. When launching this installer, users will have an interface like when installing Windows, but soon another installation window will appear with a user agreement text. If the user continues to click “Next”, malicious applications will be installed on the PC. Kaspersky says these malicious applications can display ads (adware), match passwords or exploit operating system vulnerabilities.

If you really want to install Windows 11, the best way is to sign up for Windows Insider , a completely free program for those who want to experience Microsoft products early. After successfully registering, you can upgrade directly from Windows 10 to Windows 11 through the available Windows Update tool without having to download any files.

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