DevTestOps trends Testers should know

Tram Ho

When it comes to we all know Manual testing and Automation testing.

Currently, when Agile thinking develops, accompanied by more powerful and optimal development models, terms, and processes, Automation testing is the optimal choice for software developers.

In most software production processes, Testers are often involved in the following stages, limiting the effectiveness of Testing.

Therefore, in recent years, **DevTestOps-** ideas have been launched, come here to find out!

I: What is Devtestops?

DevTestOps is a combination of DevOps and Continuous Testing. This process includes early testing, frequent testing, and testing throughout the software delivery process.


The goal of DevTestOps is not to silo “Test” from Dev and Ops, but simply to raise the visibility of testers and testing as integral parts of the DevOps quality culture

That is: “The goal of DevTestOps is not to prevent “Testing” from Dev and Ops, but simply to enhance the visibility of testers and testers as an integral part of the substance culture. amount of DevOps”

DevTestOps is a new approach to software project management, it aims to meet the constantly changing needs of customers, ensure quality and optimize the development process.

DevTestOps emphasizes that the continuous testing framework must be integrated with the CI/CD process. What is most important is the continuity of test feedback to developers throughout the product development stages, thus reducing business risk and the possibility of finding bugs at later stages.

II: Operating Devtestops

For DevTestOps – continuous testing application needs to be integrated with continuous integration + continuous delivery + continuous deployment setup

With DevTestOps, Testers also play an important role throughout development, delivery, and deployment by enabling test feedback at each step through continuous testing.

If you have seen the illustration, you probably already know, how many terms are just around that picture, for each stage, different Testing methods will be used, and each stage is different. need to test and test in such a continuous way

III: Optimal methods for successful Devtestops application

1: Apply more Automation testing

  • Not only focusing on test case automation, but also the iterative process (this stage needs manual test thinking to make the auto test script reusable), saving more time and effort.

2: Tool integration

  • The choice of tools should be done wisely to make testing more efficient, faster and easier (in short, choosing the right tool supports faster).

3: Transparent communication

  • Communication and understanding between all groups must be very effective. It avoids confusion, gives good productivity. (Good teamwork when we understand what each team does and who we need to work with, communicating to avoid conflict ha)

4: Performance testing

It will play an important role in the delivery cycle to avoid any crashes that may be caused by high volume user flows.

5: Perform Multilayer testing

All types of tests like integration, API, GUI, database testing should be incorporated in the delivery cycle, and maximum test types should be automated.

**Some of the tools and techniques used in DevTestOps include: **

  • Automation testing (eg akaAT Studio (this tool is widely used in Vietnam and supported by the Vietnamese community), katalon studio, ….
  • Continuous integration,
  • Continuous delivery,
  • Infrastructure as code,
  • Containerization,
  • Monitoring and logging.

Then understand why Automation tester is a hot position right now, everyone

Happy learning everyone!

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