Covid update-19 February 28: California state tracking 8,400 people, masks on ‘sold out’

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As of February 28, China recorded 327 new cases of corona virus infection, adding 44 deaths to corona virus, bringing the total to 2,788 cases. Of these, 318 cases were confirmed infected and 41 died from Hubei Province. Accordingly, the number of global infections is 78,824 and the number of deaths is 2,788.


On February 27, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the briefing in Geneva that the new strain of coronavirus could become a pandemic and was at a critical stage. ” An outbreak can happen in any direction based on how we handle it,he said . He said China’s efforts have shown positive signs, but the outbreak in Iran, Italy and South Korea became a new concern.

Cập nhật Covid-19 ngày 28/2: Bang California theo dõi 8.400 người, khẩu trang trên cháy hàng - Ảnh 1.

California state government, which is currently tracking 8,400 people from Asia to state airports and people who have close relationship with people who are likely to be infected with corona virus, according to Gavin Newsom Governor. Accordingly, thousands of people moving around the United States will be required to quarantine or self-examine symptoms since the country issued a restraining order earlier this month. Currently, California has recorded 33 people positive for corona virus.

Stephanie Blue, a spokesman for the New York City Department of Health and Human Services, said the corona virus testing kit provided by the CDC was not reliable enough to use. Blue said: ” The kit sent to us had problems using it and didn’t give accurate results .”

On the e-commerce site, prices of masks rose sharply in early February, with many products out of stock. According to Helium 10, a website that tracks website traffic, search volume in the past 30 days for N95 masks has skyrocketed to 1.3 million on February 10. The daily sales of 3M’s N95 facemasks increased by more than 1,000 in February, while December was just 25 packs. The price also increased from USD 29.99 to USD 99.

A whistleblower told the Washington Post that federal employees who support Americans evacuated from the epidemic area in China did not receive adequate protective equipment and the training needed to carry out the task. . Accordingly, the Trump administration officials have debated this information. William Walters, a US State Department health official, said that all precautions were taken. Abigail Spanberge, a representative of the Democratic Party from Virginia, said: ” The discovery that the government could put employees in jeopardy made me extremely worried .”

Cập nhật Covid-19 ngày 28/2: Bang California theo dõi 8.400 người, khẩu trang trên cháy hàng - Ảnh 3.

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