Concussion at Tesla: Considering workers like robots, factories have many ‘blind spots’ about safety, someone has died

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Chấn động bê bối tại Tesla: Coi công nhân như robot, nhà máy nhiều 'điểm mù' về an toàn, đã có người thiệt mạng - Ảnh 1.

A recent investigation by the Chinese government after the death of a Tesla factory employee in Shanghai has concluded that the electric car maker has many safety “blind spots”, according to Caixin Global.

The Shanghai Pudong Emergency Management Office has proposed to fine Tesla. The above information was posted on the office website but was later removed because of Tesla’s request. Caixin Global said the employee died because he did not lock the gate securely before entering the dangerous area. Another employee subjectively did not check before turning on the device. As a result, the unfortunate 31-year-old employee was crushed by the device, then died at the hospital.

Tesla’s North American and China offices have not yet responded to Insider’s request for comment. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also kept quiet.

Meanwhile, some employees of the Tesla Shanghai factory complained on social media about the employee compensation policy. They say their performance bonus was cut after the employee’s death.

Pay attention to the performance of frontline workers at the Shanghai Tesla factory who are being arbitrarily deducted ,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Chấn động bê bối tại Tesla: Coi công nhân như robot, nhà máy nhiều 'điểm mù' về an toàn, đã có người thiệt mạng - Ảnh 2.

The electric car maker has many safety ‘blind spots’

Not stopping there, Tesla was also involved in a scandal that squeezed workers out. Many employees at Buffalo’s Autopilot division said they were “treated like a robot” and had no personal protections.

According to some employees, Tesla even installed a device to track the number of keystrokes to measure their working time.

The establishment of a union will accelerate the process of sustainable corporate restructuring. From there, employees like me will have the right to speak their minds and set long-term goals for themselves ,” quoted a letter a Tesla employee once wrote to management.

Before that, Tesla was also sued for racial discrimination against black workers at a manufacturing plant near San Francisco. Hundreds of complaints have been filed with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) civil service with overwhelming evidence that Tesla’s Fremont factory consistently disparages and unfairly treats employees. employees of color, from the application of disciplinary mechanisms, salaries, bonuses to promotion opportunities.

DFEH quotes workers of color as saying they hear slurs and racial slurs as often as 50 to 100 times a day. In which, factory supervisors and managers are the most “active” participants.

Chấn động bê bối tại Tesla: Coi công nhân như robot, nhà máy nhiều 'điểm mù' về an toàn, đã có người thiệt mạng - Ảnh 3.

Tesla factory is facing many big scandals.

In addition, these workers also spoke out about a series of seriously offensive drawings on the walls of the restroom, lockers, benches, work areas, lunch tables and private areas. for employee.

For many workers of color and African-Americans, the pressures of racial segregation are increasing, with a high risk of conflict. This distinction is really blatant, blatant, and it is useless for workers to complain. Gradually, they couldn’t take it anymore and were forced to quit their jobs ,” DFEH said.

In October 2021, the Northern District Court of Northern California also ruled that Tesla must pay Owen Diaz – a former black employee $ 130 million for the damages that this person suffered. Mr. Diaz filed a lawsuit against Tesla after being subjected to racial discrimination during his long time at the factory. Meanwhile, the Tesla side has not taken any action to improve the situation.

In addition, this company also just had to pay $ 1 million to a former employee of color. This person filed a lawsuit against Tesla for being called a “nigger” by management (a disparaging way of saying that insults people of color in the US).

As of 2022, Tesla has more than 99,000 employees from around the world, of which the factory located in Fremont has more than 10,000 people. This company in the past few years has repeatedly received accusations related to racial discrimination, disparagement, insults and sexual harassment of employees of color.


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