Chrome for Windows 10 will get speed improvements soon

Tram Ho

Google is currently testing a feature that could make Chrome for Windows 10 faster when using the back button. This near-instant response is achieved by “forward caching”, currently only available on Chrome for Android, which stores a full copy of the last page in RAM, allowing the page to load. immediately when the back button is pressed.

Chrome dành cho Windows 10 sẽ sớm được cải thiện tốc độ - Ảnh 1.

“Back-forward cache is a browser feature that improves user experience by keeping a page alive after the user navigates away from the page and reusing it to navigate browser usage history.” browse (browser back/forward buttons, history.back(), etc.) to perform instant navigation. The cached pages are frozen and not running any javascript,” Google said.

Chrome dành cho Windows 10 sẽ sớm được cải thiện tốc độ - Ảnh 2.

The plan is to enable the feature by default on Chrome, but Google is wary of compatibility issues with some websites. Therefore, Google will test it with a small number of Chrome users first over the next few months.

“We made this feature available to Android. We wanted to start experimenting with forward buffers on a desktop environment,” Google said.

This feature can also be enabled in the Flag menu. Go to Chrome://flags and find the “back-forward cache” section.


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Source : Genk