China welcomes “Princess Huawei” as a “great god”: The number of people watching the event is as much as the world’s top most populous country

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South China Morning Post (SCMP – Hong Kong) reported that at 9:50 pm today (September 25 – Beijing time), Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou officially returned to China. after nearly 3 years under house arrest in Canada.

SCMP said “Princess Huawei” was greeted at home as a “hero”, with red carpets and supporters waving Chinese flags cheering. The ceremony to welcome Huawei’s CFO home was also broadcast on state television, with nearly 100 million viewers at times.

Pictures broadcast on state television CCTV showed Ms. Meng – in a red dress like the color of the country’s flag – with tears in her eyes as she stepped off the plane, received a bouquet of roses and was warmly greeted by the crowd. by saying “Welcome back”.

Ms. Meng then gave a brief speech, before the deputy governor of Guangdong province and the mayor of Shenzhen city, starting with: “Finally, I have returned home.”

“Huawei Princess” returns as “great god”

World media reported that on September 24, Meng reached an agreement with US prosecutors to avoid extradition and return to China.

The Global Times, extra copies of the People’s Daily of China, the agreement just reached, Ms. Meng “not guilty” and Huawei did not accept to pay a fine or compensation, so she Manh still “protected dignity of self and Huawei” and “national dignity”.

It was previously reported that Ms. Meng had pleaded not guilty to fraud and conspiracy, but as part of the settlement, Huawei’s CFO admitted to “intentionally providing false statements”.

In her speech after returning to her homeland, Ms. Meng twice mentioned Chinese President Xi Jinping: “President Xi cares about the safety of all Chinese people, including myself. , I am extremely touched by this, ” – Ms. Manh said.

Meng also had to undergo a period of isolation and be tested for COVID-19 after returning home, according to CCTV.

The live broadcast of the Huawei CFO welcoming ceremony at one time attracted nearly 100 million viewers.

TQ đón Công chúa Huawei như đại công thần: Số người xem sự kiện nhiều ngang quốc gia đông dân hàng top thế giới - Ảnh 2.

Ms. Manh Van Chau was emotional when she returned to her hometown. Photo: Xinhua News Agency

The welcome ceremony for Ms. Meng – daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei – was commented by SCMP as unusually grand by Chinese standards. The red carpet was rolled out on the runway and state television, including CCTV, covered the event live for hours.

On the flight back home with Ms. Manh was also Chinese Ambassador to Canada Tung Boi Vu.

Xinhua news agency today (September 25) confirmed that Ms. Meng’s return was the result of “the unremitting efforts of the Chinese government”. The People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, said in an editorial that Meng’s release was “a great victory for the Chinese people” and showed “no strength”. who can stop China’s advance”.

Throughout the day, Chinese netizens have been busy watching the flight number CCA552 that brought Ms. Meng back home. As the plane flew over the Arctic Ocean, many hailed her as the country’s “heroine”.

Not only did supporters gather at the airport to welcome Ms. Meng’s return, but the tallest skyscraper in Shenzhen – Ping An Financial Center, 555 meters high, was also lit up with messages. “Welcome home Mrs. Manh Van Chau” on the evening of September 25.

TQ đón Công chúa Huawei như đại công thần: Số người xem sự kiện nhiều ngang quốc gia đông dân hàng top thế giới - Ảnh 3.

Meanwhile, CCTV quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying as saying that the actions of the US and Canada regarding Ms. Meng were “typical arbitrary detention.”

Chinese social media was flooded with pictures and information about Ms. Meng on September 25.

Speaking at the airport, Ms. Manh shed tears: “I would like to thank my hometown and compatriots for always supporting and helping me. You are my biggest support to this day.” /.

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