CEO Le Diep Kieu Go-Viet motorcycle taxi driver, encouraging company leaders to experience being a driver

Tram Ho

Recently, on his personal page, CEO Le Diep Kieu Trang uploaded a test video of GoViet’s 2-wheeler driver. In this video, the senior GoViet female leader also wears a red uniform, using the app to catch guests like any other driver.

It is known that in order to celebrate the first year of the application to call the Go-Viet car, the company’s executive board has carried out the challenge called “On the road challenge – The challenge of making a Go-Viet driver”. In addition to CEO Le Diep Kieu, the challenge also has the participation of key figures in the company such as Ms. Ly Van Huong, Director of managing and operating the driver, Mr. VaiBhav Gupta, Director of positioning Market supply and demand, …

CEO Lê Diệp Kiều Trang chạy xe ôm Go-Viet, khuyến khích các lãnh đạo công ty trải nghiệm làm tài xế - Ảnh 1.

The above officials and employees are challenged with Go-Bike 2 wheel motorcycle service and Go-Food delivery service to better understand the market as well as driver partners.

Launched in TP. Ho Chi Minh in August 2018, and Hanoi a month later, Go-Viet said it had quickly completed 100 million trips in both cities, with more than 400% growth in orders only. in 12 months of operation, attracted the participation of 125,000 driver partners.

In the food trading segment, Go-Viet claims that Go-Food is becoming the leader in connecting customers with 70,000 restaurants, providing more than 1 million dishes on the Go-Viet app. Every day, Go-Food receives hundreds of thousands of orders, growing 25-35% each month.

CEO Le Diep Kieu Challenging to ride a motorbike GoViet.

“I am very proud of what the Go-Viet team and our partners have achieved together in such a short time. The success of Go-Viet is defined by the value brought to the guests. and the ability to improve the quality of life “ , CEO Le Diep Kieu Trang, affirmed.

“We not only measure success by numbers, but also by the socio-economic implications that the company can create. This is the foundation for us to build a sustainable business model. We are committed to continuing to continuously improve and innovate solutions to meet the daily needs of the Vietnamese people “.

Go-Viet said it is also aiming to become a “super-app” for Vietnam, according to the highly successful model that Gojek has deployed in Indonesia, a market with economic conditions. society, society and population characteristics are similar to Vietnam.


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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ