Canon may have retired the ‘legendary’ 5D camera line: Is the end of DSLR coming?

Tram Ho

While Pentax shared that its future will only focus on DSLRs , Canon ‘s giant ‘ has the opposite action: stop manufacturing its flagship 5D DSLR line. According to Canon Rumors, the Japanese camera company already has models for the 5D Mark V to be announced later this year, but due to the launch of the EOS R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras plus the talent Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the company has ‘removed’ the device from the list of products that will be released.

Craig Blair from Canon Rumors said: “The EOS 5D series will follow the footsteps of the EOS 7D to go into the past. The EOS 5D Mark V was supposed to be released this year but was eventually removed . According to Blair, Canon will still release DSLRs for customers who are still attached to this type of camera, but will not be high-end devices in the ‘EOS 5D’ segment.

Canon có thể đã khai tử dòng máy ảnh 5D huyền thoại: Ngày tàn của DSLR đã tới? - Ảnh 1.

The first Canon 5D was released in 2005, and can be considered a camera that has brought full-frame electronics to the public. In 2008, the Canon 5D Mark II was launched and used by many photographers and amateur videographers. The 5D Mark III doesn’t bring too many upgrades, but continues to be a popular choice for its stability.

Canon có thể đã khai tử dòng máy ảnh 5D huyền thoại: Ngày tàn của DSLR đã tới? - Ảnh 2.

The 5D Mark IV was launched at a time when the market was gradually shifting to mirrorless cameras, so Canon had to quickly release the EOS R so that it wouldn’t be left behind. Since then Canon’s mirrorless camera line has grown rapidly, and perhaps the company’s slowdown, or even complete stopping of DSLR production, is understandable!

According to Alex Cooke of Fstoppers , there is a different perspective on why Canon did not launch the 5D Mark V, he shared: “If the 5D Mark V is released this year, then until 2025 – 2027, the new users “subjected” to upgrading to a new line of cameras. And Canon will not let this happen as it has poured a lot of resources into developing RF and (mirrorless) cameras and lenses . In other words, Canon wants users to switch to a mirrorless camera as soon as possible.

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