Bringing Omen 15 to Vietnam, HP finally joined the gaming laptop market in our country

Tram Ho

HP Vietnam recently organized an event to introduce a series of new laptop products for the year-end shopping, including Dragonfly, Specter X360 and especially Omen 15.

HP Omen 15 has a rough black design with a large X-shaped outer surface, which uses a metallic material to create a bold and strong character for the product. However, in the process of rapid experience, we found that the material is very prone to fingerprints and when cleaned, it must also be very carefully to be able to erase these traces.

The hinge is narrowed to the middle, creating a large cut on the bottom two sides of the screen, so that the Omen 15 looks strong and has a line similar to the design of a sports car or a fighter jet. .

Different from the top, the lower shell and palm rest follow the minimalist direction, if you press a little cut and the radiator vents will look more attractive.

Đưa Omen 15 về Việt Nam, cuối cùng HP cũng tham gia thị trường gaming laptop nước ta - Ảnh 3.

There is almost no accent on the underside, if there is no strip of keyboard color removed.

In return, details such as the heat sink on the back of the device, the color keyboard and the thinness of the device have given the Omen 15 some certain appeal.

In terms of hardware configuration, Omen 15 uses Intel 9th-generation processors, Core i7-9750H or i9-9880H, 16 GB RAM, RTX 2070 or RTX 2080 Max-Q, 512 GB NVME SSD + 1 TB SATA or 512 GB NVME SSD + 32GB Optane. 15.6 inch IPS screen with Full HD resolution and frequency up to 240Hz, while most other products on the market only stop at 120Hz. However, the response of the Omen 15 screen is 4ms instead of 1ms as some other competitors.

Omen 15 is priced from 54,990,000 to 76,990,000 VND.

Besides Omen 15, HP also brings the Dragonfly towards office users, business people. With a weight of just under 1 kg, users can easily take the machine to work anywhere. In addition, Dragonfly's 13-inch screen also provides brightness up to 1,000 nits so users can comfortably use in all different lighting conditions.

Besides, the Intel Core i7-8565 chip, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD hard drive, battery life can last up to 24 hours (the standard version) is also a bright point of this product.

Dragonfly will cost from VND 51,990,000.

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ