Bluetooth is not harmful, as long as you know how to use it properly

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Over the past time, there have been some articles on the Internet that say that Bluetooth is not good and you should stop using it. Accordingly, Bluetooth is said to be very easy to be used by hackers to steal data, or even destroy devices that use this type of connection in many different ways.

However, do not rush to immediately throw a Bluetooth headset a few hundred dollars to buy. Bluetooth is not so bad that you have to stop using it. That is probably impossible when the headphone jack is gradually disappearing, and the number of Bluetooth devices used as the main protocol for connecting headphones is increasing. If you want to be safe, you can simply turn off Bluetooth whenever you’re not using it. And below is why.

Where are hackers everywhere?

Bluetooth không có hại, miễn là bạn biết sử dụng đúng cách - Ảnh 1.

There are a number of things that worry people when using Bluetooth, and wireless security is one of them. Sophisticated large-scale attacks can happen, affecting millions of phones via “weapons” that are Bluetooth connections. Keep the software up to date, don’t install untrusted applications, and accept to sacrifice some small utilities in exchange for security that you should try whenever you can. But you should also know that there are not always hackers sitting in the bar, with hidden laptops, to create man-in-the-middle attacks (interfere with the transfer process). data) targeting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

Hackers are real, and they may have been at a bar, trying to steal passwords and usernames through sophisticated network hijack methods. But most of the time, anywhere, most people you meet will not know and do not have the tools that can steal all your data via Bluetooth. The press doesn’t say too much when warning you – only their advice about not using Bluetooth is correct only if you are participating in events such as a security conference of black hat hackers. term If not, you probably will never encounter someone who wants to hack your phone.

Location tracking is a remarkable issue

Bluetooth không có hại, miễn là bạn biết sử dụng đúng cách - Ảnh 2.

There is one thing that articles that recommend you give up Bluetooth rarely mention, but the biggest reason why you should not trust Bluetooth connectivity: this connection can be followed by you.

There are small-sized network devices that always try to use Bluetooth connectivity to track your movement (called “beacon”). They are often placed in supermarkets, large stores, amusement parks, parking lots, and wherever there are crowded people to collect enough data, sell it and bring money back to the owner. own them. This is what some companies are applying – they use aggregate Bluetooth data to know how many people are at the same location at a certain time.

Everything will not be worth mentioning until you know that these beacons can work with other tools, such as an application or a Wi-Fi hotspot to collect data that can reveal identity. Your – not your true identity, like your name, age …, but rather identifying where your phone is and separating it from the crowd. If this is done, the time and place where you go can be tracked easily. Comparing identities from your phone with similar data collected in many different locations, a real-time map showing where you are and is present is no longer a talk thought. If used legally, this feature can tell you specific information in an application, or display ads based on where you are. But this data can also be sold or put into a larger database to track you through many different locations, because your phone has the same identity features even if it’s in supermarket or at the airport.

The way this mechanism works means that you don’t need to do anything and it still happens automatically, violating your privacy, but luckily can be prevented easily.

Turn everything off

Bluetooth không có hại, miễn là bạn biết sử dụng đúng cách - Ảnh 3.

Keeping yourself safe from hackers attacking Bluetooth and companies that want to track where you are going and how you go is pretty easy. Turn off any wireless services you don’t use!

That means go to install and turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re out and don’t use them. Bluetooth is useful when you have a pair of headphones to listen to music every time you jog daily or while waiting for the bus. When listening and turn off the headphones, do the same thing with Bluetooth waves on your phone. Wi-Fi too, if not used, turn it off.

You will not be able to stop real hackers from stealing your data. But you can make them difficult – at the same time ensure privacy when preventing systems that monitor location – by spending a few wires to close the open back door.

Reference: AndroidCentral

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