Blooming money-making gaming projects based on Axie Infinity

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Axie Infinity is still the name that attracts the biggest attention of the crypto community. However, while this game has released and attracted a huge number of players, countless other blockchain game projects have sprung up to attract investors who are ambitious to make real money from virtual currency.

The first is the Itam Games (Itam), a project believed to be by the Korean developer of the same name. The developer announced that the Itam coin will be used on the Lime Odyssey M game and began selling virtual item packs from the end of July.

Nở rộ các dự án chơi game kiếm tiền ăn theo Axie Infinity - Ảnh 1.

Unpredictable price fluctuations of Itam coin amid the craze of blockchain gaming virtual currency.

Itam Games promises to release the game this August with a roadmap to release six more games using the Itam community. However, the game is nowhere to be seen, investors are sitting on a fire when it has peaked at 0.04 USD and now this coin is only worth less than 0.02 USD with a trading volume of less than 5 million. USD.

Another project is DungeonSwap (DND) which is better when it has built a relatively complete system of trading, fighting, paying rewards… DungeonSwap is described as a board role-playing game with a turn-based battle system. for simplicity.

The project’s DND also peaked at 16 USD on July 26, but with a very low trading volume below 500,000 USD. Therefore, after only a few days, this coin quickly sank to the bottom of 3 USD with a trading volume of about 40 million USD at the moment.

Also in the style of pets, a project called CryptoZoon (Zoon) began to attract a large number of investors at the presale on July 29. But a technical glitch caused the coin to drop from a peak of $0.32 to $0.021 with trading in the last 24 hours around $20 million.

Another pet project, DinoX, which has just opened for sale, has a trading volume of up to 17 million USD after an hour. The project’s virtual currency is currently valued at 0.6 USD. But both CryptoZoon and DinoX are designed in a quite simple pet style and nothing groundbreaking compared to Axie Infinity.

Even the graphics of CryptoZoon and DinoX are much simpler and both games have a web version, not an Android or iOS version.

Nở rộ các dự án chơi game kiếm tiền ăn theo Axie Infinity - Ảnh 2.

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain game project that is quite famous for continuously delaying its release date despite providing 21 million Alice coins to the market.


The most famous among blockchain game projects is My Neighbor Alice (Alice), a farm game inspired by Nintendo’s popular Animal Crossing series. At the time of the sale in March, Alice once peaked at 30 USD with a trading volume of nearly 2 billion USD.

But the developer repeatedly delayed the release date on Steam and recently opened a temporary web version of planting trees to follow the trend of playing games to make money. Alice is currently priced at $13 with a market capitalization of $285 million.

In general, the risks with virtual currency projects that have been announced and opened for sale early but have no products are quite clear. Not to mention, following the trend also contains high risks for the project developer itself. Therefore, investors need to be careful and carefully study the projects to properly assess the potential as well as development opportunities.

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