BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang: The new Bphone will have 4 versions including Bphone B40, B60, B86, B86s

Tram Ho

The closer to the launch of the new generation Bphone, BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang has revealed more and more information about this model. Recently, this CEO has confirmed that the upcoming Bphone generation will not only have 1, but 4 different versions.

Specifically, the names of the four models that BKAV is about to launch are Bphone B40, Bphone B60, Bphone B86 and Bphone B86s. Based on the naming, it is likely that Bphone B40 and Bphone B60 will be in the low and mid-range segment, while Bphone B86 will be high-end. Meanwhile, Bphone B86s will be the special version of B86.

CEO BKAV Nguyễn Tử Quảng: Bphone mới sẽ có 4 phiên bản gồm Bphone B40, B60, B86, B86s - Ảnh 1.

To explain the number “86”, although Mr. Quang did not confirm it directly, he said “like the explanation of many friends, 1986 is the year marking the innovation of the Country”.

Mr Quang also witty: “No B52 nhé”.

According to the original plan, the new generation of Bphone will be launched on April 7 through an online event with no guests. However, Mr. Quang said that the event’s plan “will depend on the partner of Vietnam Television Station, so we will have to wait for VTV’s decision.”

However, BKAV CEO said not to place too much emphasis on launch time , because “Bphone has been released since I first posted on Facebook. The launch was just a highlight of the event but when was it released? not too important. “

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Source : Genk