As many as 28.6 million people have signed up for the Disney + service

Tram Ho

Although it was only announced on November 12 last year, the Disney + series of movie and TV streaming services has achieved a lot of success. According to Disney’s latest financial report, the Disney + service has had 28.6 million subscribers, although it has not yet reached every country in the world.

The company also announced that the number of users of other services with ESPN + is 6.6 million, Hulu has 27.2 million who have ordered DVDs on demand, 3.2 online and TV service subscriptions – a total of 30.4 million. user. By comparison, Netflix now has 167 million accounts worldwide.

Đã có tới 28.6 triệu người đăng ký dịch vụ Disney+ - Ảnh 1.

It is also worth noting that not everyone using Disney + is paying, because Verizon has free service packages for 12 months. Also in the report, about 20% of users are from Verizon.

Disney CEO Robert Iger said: “We had our first quarter of rapid growth, showing that Disney + was an unexpectedly successful service. Thanks to well-known brands, joint filmmakers Continuing to create innovative products and leading technologies, in the future Disney +, ESPN + and Hulu will put us ahead in the vibrant media market. “

Disney said that this quarter, revenue increased from $ 0.9 billion to $ 4 billion, but operating losses also increased from $ 136 million to $ 693 million. These losses are due to Disney + launch costs and Hulu consolidation.

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Source : Genk