Apple will eventually launch a cheap, attractive enough iPhone for everyone to buy?

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Apple will still launch three new iPhone models in September and all three successive models will inherit the design features of the iPhone 2018. And of course the important changes of the iPhone will appear at the end of the year. after, ie 2020.

Apple cuối cùng sẽ ra mắt một chiếc iPhone giá rẻ, đủ hấp dẫn để mọi người đều có thể mua được? - Ảnh 1.

Not just design, Apple plans to change its sales strategy as it plans to launch a low-cost version next year. According to analysts from JP Morgan, Apple may not only release 3 but 4 iPhone models next year.

Analysts believe that Apple will maintain the current approach with a focus on three models targeting high-end and high-end segments. Besides, the company will prepare a cheaper version in the right way, not like the iPhone XR last year.

A “national” iPhone will make it easy for everyone to buy an iPhone

As expected, the three iPhone models will have screen sizes of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches respectively. All three models promise to support 5G networks thanks to Qualcomm’s 5G modem chip. To get this remarkable feature, Apple had to proactively reconcile with Qualcomm and resolve any lawsuit by promising to pay compensation to the US chip firm.

Apple cuối cùng sẽ ra mắt một chiếc iPhone giá rẻ, đủ hấp dẫn để mọi người đều có thể mua được? - Ảnh 2.

Will any cheap iPhone inherit any design from its predecessor models?

JP Morgan said, 5G network will become the driving force for Apple’s iPhone sales. The company expects to sell about 195 million units next year thanks to the iPhone 5G.

As expected, the iPhone 2020 will still maintain rabbit ears but with smaller dimensions. This is still the place where the TrueDepth camera cluster is located on the device. In addition to rumors recently, Apple is secretly developing a separate iPhone version equipped with Touch ID sensors to replace Face ID in the Chinese market.

About the rear camera, the new generation iPhone launched next year will be equipped with 3D sensors on the rear camera. However, this feature is only available for the largest iPhone model.

For the cheap iPhone version, Apple will certainly have to omit quite a lot of advanced features on this machine. The device has a thin border like the iPhone X but the screen size is similar to the iPhone 8. It is unclear whether the machine uses an OLED or LCD screen, although there are rumors that Apple will switch to using OLED screens on the entire iPhone line. by 2020.

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