Apple released iOS 12.4.1, patching the jailbreak vulnerability

Tram Ho

Just a few days after its launch, a disastrous mistake by Apple made iOS 12.4 quickly jailbroken when a vulnerability on the old iOS version was forgotten by the company. But Apple is quickly remedy its mistake when the company recently released iOS 12.4.1 updates to patch the vulnerability.

Also there seems to be no other changes on iOS 12.4.1.

In the first iPhone versions, jailbreaking iOS will help users overcome Apple’s limitations on installing third-party applications, to add gadgets that make using iPhone interesting. more, for example, own themes, or other tweaks.

Apple ra mắt iOS 12.4.1, vá lại lỗ hổng jailbreak - Ảnh 1.

In recent years, the concern about jailbreaking iPhone is getting worse. There are three main reasons for this: new jailbreak-based features that can be used are now available in iOS.

Second, technology companies like Apple are willing to pay up to $ 1 million or more to get information about vulnerabilities that help attackers attack the iPhone. So instead of creating free jailbreaks for the community, a hacker can buy a supercar if he gives Apple information.

The third reason is that Apple is turning this operating system into an increasingly strong fortress that makes it harder to hack.

However, with the recent version of iOS 12.4, Apple made a mistake when “forgetting” and patching a vulnerability that was used to jailbreak iOS 12.1, even though they patched it in iOS 12.3. An anonymous Libyan hacker, Ahmed Aldeab discovered this and made a stir for hackers and programmers.

That’s why Apple must quickly release iOS 12.4.1 updates to patch the hole. However, perhaps because Apple will introduce iOS 13 at the same time as the new iPhone, so except to patch this vulnerability, the company does not include many other changes in iOS 12.4.1.

IPhone and iPad users can install this version in one of two common ways: connect your phone to a computer running iTunes, or directly download the update to iPhone by going to Settings> General> Software Update.

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