Apple is waging a “silent war” against Google, caused by an event that happened in the early 2000s.

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According to AndroidAuthority, the fact that Apple and Google are ‘face-to-face but not content’ is no longer a secret story. In fact, the competition between the two big tech giants in the US has lasted for many years in many fields, with the victory and defeat not really settled.

However, it seems that this competition is expected to be pushed even higher, as Apple tries to remove features that Google’s parent company – Alphabet – offers from the iOS operating system.

According to a source from the Financial Times, former Apple engineers confirmed that Apple still holds a grudge against Google about Android. As a result, Apple is said to be engaged in a “silent war” with Google, hoping to separate its products from services offered by rivals.

Apple đang tiến hành "cuộc chiến thầm lặng" chống lại Google, nguyên nhân tới từ một sự kiện xảy ra từ đầu những năm 2000 - Ảnh 1.

Apple is trying to remove the features that Google’s parent company – Alphabet – offers from the iOS operating system. Photo: Internet

Accordingly, this animosity began in the early 2000s. After Google created Android, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs described the operating system as a “stealing product”, mimicking iOS. Steve Jobs even went so far as to announce that he wanted to wage ‘nuclear war’ with Google, according to the Financial Times.

Since then, the relationship between the two sides has not improved. Even Apple is said to be looking to increase the fierceness of this competition by improving its smartphone services, as well as confronting Google directly on three fronts. This three-pronged approach includes mapping services, search and online advertising, which are also Google’s strongest points.

Specifically, Apple has been focusing on Apple Maps with the intention of replacing Google Maps. Apple recently further refined its product earlier this month after announcing a feature that allows businesses to confirm their digital locations on a map. This feature is called Business Connect.

This feature is similar to what Google Maps offers in partnership with Yelp. However, Business Connect may include additional unique iOS features, such as Apple Pay integration.

Next, Apple is said to be developing a search engine internally called “Apple Search”. This is clearly a pretty big ambition for Apple, as Apple will have to compete for a slice of Google’s 92% share of the search market, according to Chief Strategy Officer at Pantheon, Josh Koenig.

However, this is also a double-edged sword, in the context that Google still pays Apple billions of dollars to be allowed to be the default option on iOS.

Finally, the Cupertino-based technology group will target Google’s so-called ‘golden egg’ – online advertising. Google’s advertising business has always made up the majority of the company’s revenue. Therefore, Apple wants to build a new ad network to challenge Google.

This would allow Apple to change the way ads are delivered to iPhone users and allow Apple to block third-party data brokers. Based on the report, Apple is slowly moving towards a favorable position to cut ties with Google in the future.

Refer to AndroidAuthority

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