Apple continues to prove itself behind Android smartphone makers, but always does better

Tram Ho

When the first 5G smartphone launched in early 2019, rumors about the iPhone 11 revealed that Apple would not be in the game, at least for the time being. Apple’s competitors have continuously launched high-end Android 5G smartphones in 2019 and 2020, until Apple finally launched its first 5G iPhone in October.

Apple has equipped all four iPhone 12 models with a 5G modem chip, and the iPhone 12 has outsold any other iPhone model before. The latest report shows that Apple’s iPhone 12 dominates the global 5G smartphone market, although joining later than other Android smartphone manufacturers.

Apple tiếp tục chứng minh mình là kẻ đi sau các hãng smartphone Android, nhưng luôn làm tốt hơn - Ảnh 1.

According to Strategy Analytics data, Apple sold 52.2 million iPhone 12 units in Q4 2020, outpacing every other 5G Android smartphone. Apple accounted for 41% of the 5G smartphone market in a 3-month period, while only had about 2 months to sell the iPhone 12 in Q4 2020.

This data completely eliminates the notion that entering the 5G market early will give Android smartphone manufacturers an edge. Apple has once again shown that it is behind Android smartphone manufacturers, but always does a lot better.

Strategy Analytics predicts that sales of 5G smartphones in 2021 will reach 624 million units, much higher than sales of 269 million units in 2020.

In Q1/2021, iPhone 12 sales remained at the top among 5G smartphones, with 40.4 million units sold, accounting for 30% of global 5G smartphone sales. Apple also accounts for most of the profits in this 5G smartphone market.

Reference: BGR

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