Amidst rumors of an iPhone 12 dropping the charger, Apple asked users about the old iPhone charger

Tram Ho

Apple recently started surveying iPhone users about the habit that they use the charger accessory that came with the device. This survey comes at a time when rumors of Apple may remove the charger on the iPhone 12 models and users are forced to buy outside if they want to use. Not only the charger, but EarPods will also suffer the same fate.

Giữa tin đồn iPhone 12 bỏ củ sạc, Apple thăm dò người dùng về củ sạc iPhone cũ - Ảnh 1.

According to the survey, Apple asked users what they had done with the old iPhone charger after upgrading to a newer model. The survey is aimed at users who have used iPhones and have recently upgraded to new iPhones.

Apple also clarified that this survey only concerns the USB charger attached to the device, not the Lightning cable.

In the survey, Apple offers a series of options for users to choose what they did with an old USB charger:

– I sold or exchanged it with my old iPhone
– I lost it
– I give another family member or a friend
– I’m still using it at home
– I’m still using it elsewhere (work, school, …)
– I kept it, but didn’t use it

Giữa tin đồn iPhone 12 bỏ củ sạc, Apple thăm dò người dùng về củ sạc iPhone cũ - Ảnh 2.

This is not the first time Apple has conducted user consultations about what they feel about the company’s products. Previously, Apple has also conducted a survey of the headphone jack on MacBook Pro devices, but until now, Apple has not killed this connection on its high-end laptop line. It will be an interesting question to see if Apple will remove the USB charger on the new iPhone 12.

Expected new iPhone 12 will have up to 4 versions and launched in the fall of this year.

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