Adobe suffered negative reviews from users of Photoshop iPad

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At the Adobe Max conference, more than 15,000 people cheered as Adobe finally announced the Photoshop version specifically for Apple’s iPad tablet. The software has been tested for a year, after the company revealed its development process at the same conference last year. That’s how positive ‘offline’ is, but the story the company encounters ‘online’ is the exact opposite. Just a quick round of Twitter and YouTube, you will encounter many negative reviews about this product, saying that it lacks features or encounters many errors.

Adobe hứng chịu review tiêu cực từ những người dùng Photoshop iPad - Ảnh 1.

On YouTube, if you search for the keyword ‘Photoshop for iPad’ then words like ‘disappointing’ or ‘very bad for people working on color’ appear. A even blunt video titled ‘Complain: Photoshop for iPad is really lousy’ . Twitter users also have the same opinion, saying that Photoshop lacks features that applications such as Procreate and Affinity have long had.

According to users, Adobe was dishonest in introducing the application that made them think it would give an experience no different from ‘full’ applications for Windows and Mac. According to the company’s explanation, Photoshop iPad is a software version based on the computer version with the same code lines, as well as the ability to share work among many people, but currently only features. Basic without advanced tools.

This is an inevitable mistake that the company’s product development chief, Scott Belsky, must also acknowledge. It should have been made clearer that Photoshop for iPad couldn’t be as full as the computer version from day one. He also posted a Tweet with photos of the iPad iPad rated 2.3 out of 5 stars on the App Store, with the comment “painful” .

Adobe hứng chịu review tiêu cực từ những người dùng Photoshop iPad - Ảnh 2.

He said that the Photoshop version for iPad, although less functional, could do the basic things that users need. The company has integrated the ability to read PSD files from the cloud, enabling users to work smoothly between iPad and computer. Adobe also developed features for compositing first, so those who use Photoshop for drawing will have to wait for later versions.

The shortcomings of Photoshop are even more evident when on the market today there is no shortage of similar applications, even more powerful for iPad. Procreate application cost only $ 10 to buy once, users have all the features like computer Photoshop, and there are a few motion effects (animation). Affinity Photo and Designer are also two typical examples.

Photoshop product manager Jenny Lyell said that some of the features were delayed because they were harder to develop, the company wanted to keep the code of the computer on the iPad instead of making a new version, for example. like ‘liquify’, for example. “We do not want users to use iPads different from their computers or create new files to keep uniformity across platforms. This is one of our product building codes.”

Adobe MAX 2019: Adobe Photoshop iPad

The situation may improve in the near future, Ms. Lyell said: “We plan to update the software once a month to add new features . Many Photoshop employees also claim that the current software is just a “first step,” and encourage users to send feedback so they can continue to improve.

At Adobe Max, development engineer Emily Bogue shared an intelligent AI picker, which can quickly make a selection with even small objects like hair with a single tap. This tool will definitely be available on iPads, along with many other things now available on computers. The success or failure of Photoshop iPad probably depends a lot on the event of the user’s waiting!

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